Chili peppers in your dry suit???

We think we found the perfect base layer for dry suit diving. But you will not likely find them in your dive shop. They are the Hot Chillys brand, La Montana Panel Crewneck top and La Montana bottoms. The thin and extremely comfortable fleece is the ultimate performance warm wear. It is consists of 100% Micro Denier MTF polyester which provides incredible warmth and wicks away moisture.

The top, which from day one felt as good as an old comfortable long-sleeve t-shirt, also comes in pink for the girl diver. We were amazed at the performance. Not only was I warm on the dive, I stayed comfy on the surface interval. I am the ultimate cold wimp, but I noticed that I was quite warm hanging out with the Hot Chillys top and thin shirt in 45 degree air temps. Normally I would be on the boarder thinking down jacket on that day.

Hot Chillys have a lot of different models, so make sure you get the La Montana.