A Simple Solution for a Leaky Mask – Wrangled Bangs

Whether its a lone strand or a giant lock, hair lodged under your scuba mask can create a big leaky problem. At DEMA 2016, we stumbled upon a simple, ingenious solution to keep hairs at bay – the Bang Wrangler, made by a startup company called Klash. Made from 100% anti-bacterial silicone, the headband is smooth on the outside and textured on the inside, so it stays in place. Although somewhat skeptical it would work under my 7mm hood, we brought one home, eager to try it out.

Short of shaving off all the hair on my head–a look I’m not keen on–getting ready for scuba can often include a bit of stress. My dive buddy, John, is in charge of checking my mask and neck to make sure I got all the hair out of the way. If I didn’t, which is often the case, it can become a wincing issue where John pushes, pulls and tugs my hair, to get it under my hood or out of the way of the bio-seal I wear under my neck seal. Ouch!

On our last dive, on a chilly wintery day, I donned the Bang Wrangler. Checking my reflection in the mirror, I noticed a ski-bunny/sports-girl look had been achieved. Nice.

Next, I wrestled into my gear, tugging it over the layers of undergarments I felt I needed to stay warm. Finally, I maneuvered the 7mm hood over my head, certain it would dislodge the band. When I had the hood in place, I shoved my fingers under the edges, searching for the silicone band. Surprisingly, I found it still in place, snug against my hair. I shrugged into my BC and tank, grabbed my mask, and we headed down to the water.

bang wrangler headbandOnce fins were in place, I pulled the mask into position and asked John, “How’s it look? Did I get all the hair out of the way?”

He checked me this way and that. “It looks great! Not a loose hair anywhere!”

Et voila! A simple solution that did what it was supposed to. I did the entire dive with no mask leaks.

Coming in a variety of colors, including Bangin’ Pink, Blonde Gone Wrong yellow, and Why I Otter gray, the headband can be worn by both women and men. The MSRP is $15.00. We call it a “must have” accessory for anyone who enjoys water sports.

Next up: In 2017 we hope to report back to you on the Klash Splash collection of “high-performance, fast-drying, chlorine-resistant, UPF 50+” leggings. Designed to be worn as swimwear or water-sports-wear, I look forward to trying them out at the YMCA swim pool.

UPDATE: This is not just for women divers. We have already seen a lot of our male students who would be happy using a Bang Wrangler. Additionally, we had a recent student who used a swim cap to restrain her bangs. But this did not work because the cap covered her ears and made clearing harder for her.

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