A Whole New World of Water Sportswear for Women

Ever since I was young, I’ve hated to wear swim suits in public. Okay, sure, occasionally, it was kind of flirty fun to show myself off to the boys patrolling the beach, but, mostly I was always self-conscious about how I looked. Too this, too that, not enough of this. In short, it was torture.

And swimming in a two piece is no picnic. Dive into the pool or the lake and you might end up with your top around your neck and your bottoms around your ankles. Then, it becomes a scurry and splash to tug the suit back in place.

Personally, I’d rather be comfortable. Wouldn’t you?

Fast forward to the now, where I’m older. I still despise swim suits as much as I hate bras, which is a lot. I still carry the same self-conscious feelings when I go to work-out at the local Y. Walking the pool deck to get to the deep end proves daunting. For me, it’s five yards I can’t wait to get over with, until I’m submerged in the pool where I can relax.

There is a goddess—her name is Klash.

When we met the girls at the DEMA Klash booth last year, they promised a solution—the fade-resistant, UPF-50+ Splash Legging. They assured me that they feel the same self-consciousness when donning swimwear (and they were young and fit). The leggings were still in the prototype stage, though, so I had to wait a long time to get my first pair. But, finally, I got them. I took them to the pool at the Y. Donning them, I felt empowered. I was there to do my sport of choice—swimming. I wasn’t there dressed like an out-to-pasture show pony. I walked the pool deck with confidence. Got in the pool. Swam and mucked about in the water.

Once I was done, I emerged from the pool, feeling like one of Wonder Woman’s team of Amazon warrior-women. In short, it felt awesome to be dressed to exercise, not be on display.

I love the Splash Leggings. The high-performance fabric dries in a snap. They don’t fade in chlorine. They’re super comfy. They keep their shape. They’re made in the U.S. of A.. And, they sell for $110 msrp.

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