BARE suspends production on SB SYSTEM drysuits

bareSBBARE has suspended production on their promising, stretchable and breathable SB SYSTEM drysuit. This drysuit was a ScubaGadget’s award winner for best new technology for 2011 and a ScubaLab 2011 Testers’ Choice. According to Peter Falk, VP Marketing at BARE, the quality control team recently noted a “slightly higher than normal return rate on this suit because of a delamination problem.” Falk also added that they are just “being very cautious” and that “the return rate is still less than 8%.” There are many SB Systems suits currently in the field with no problems after hundreds of dives. Falk said that production was suspended to give BARE time to determine the cause of the delamination and make sure future runs of the material do not have this problem.

BARE staff express full confidence that this problem will be resolved soon. They are standing behind their brand, offering affected customers two options for any suits with this problem. The diver may…

  1. return the suit and purchase a different model drysuit with a credit of the value of the original purchase (SB SYSTEM Drysuit)
  2. swap their suit with an SB SYSTEM Drysuit from BARE’s loaner fleet (this suit will be owned by BARE). They can continue to use the loaner suit until BARE resolves the material issues. At such point, we will repair (or replace) and return their suit and ask for the loaner suit back.

BARE will also cover all shipping costs to and from the retailer as a result of these 2 options.

Although this is not a recall, BARE is asking retailers to return unsold suits to so they can test the material in this suit.

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