BC Canada Diving Finally Get its Due–Top in North America.

To add another reason why tropical and wetsuit-only divers should feel left out and envious of their drysuit donning buddies, Scuba Diving magazine’s Top 100 readers choice 2011 article, in the category for North America, gives Canada/British Columbia number one in the following categories:

  • overall rating of diving,
  • wall diving,
  • marine life and
  • value for diving dollar

and number two for

  • health of marine environment,
  • macro life,
  • advanced diving and
  • overall rating of destination.

BC sites also rank on the magazines Top 100 Gold list of operators,

resorts, liveaboards, etc, with listing of

Noonachuk Rapids, BC under most unusual dives and Browning Wall under best wall dive. Editors note: We could not find any reference to “Noonachuk Rapids” and think they may be referring Skookumchuck Rapids (also know as the Sechelt Rapids). We agree, as the “Skook” is on ScubaGadget’s staff’s list of top dives of all time. You can dive them with Porpoise Bay Charters.

We at ScubaGadget concur with the survey as we have never seen a Caribbean dive that come close to matching the fireworks “awe” we get from BC diving. We are constantly telling our tropical dive buddies, “you have to understand that it is only the water that is cold, not the divers.” Get drysuit certified and check out the great guides to BC dive sites found at http://www.diveindustrybc.com/.

Related Note:

In a related story Scuba Diving listed the, nearby BC, Keystone Jetty on Whidbey Island, Washington, USA as one of the “Top 7 Jetty Dives” in the world.