BREAKING NEWS: Wes Skiles wrongful death suit against Dive Rite

A wrongful death suit against DIVE RITE (et al) was filed on July 18th by Terri Skiles, wife of the late world renown underwater photographer and pioneer cave diver Wes Skiles. The suit claims, among other points, that Dive Rite “was aware of serious quality control issues with the O2ptima FX rebreather model that Wes was using at the time of his death.” Further claims include that Dive Rite personnel (i.e. agents for) “interfered with the investigation into the death of Wesly Skiles” and caused the “spoilage of evidence in the case.” Also named in the suit are Lamartek Inc., Mark E. Derrick, Juergensen Marine, Dive Gear Express, and Analytical Industries, Inc.

The filing does reference the 2009 Dive Rite OPV (over pressure valve) recall during which one Dive Rite source admitted to ScubaGadet that they saw this problem well over a year before the recall and only filed the recall because another company with the same springs had filed. SEE:

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