Costco sells an almost perfect dive gear wash, dry and storage rack/cart

CostcoRackIf you store your dive gear (kit for the rest of the world) in a garage or other cart accessible area, this rack, which we found at our local Costco ($89 US), can be a great convenience for you. The chrome rack comes with locking wheels and is very simple to assemble. It will easily hold more than all the gear for a dive couple including weights. We added an old shower curtain to the top with wire ties to serve as a drysuit hanger.

Not only have we found this cart to be amazingly practical and a time saver, it also serves as a memory tool. A full use cycle goes as follows:

  1. We roll the cart to the back of the car, lock the wheels and load in all of our gear.
  2. There is no need to go over the dive gear checklist because when the cart is empty we have everything we need.
  3. After the dive, we empty the gear from the car onto the cart.
  4. Roll it over to the hose for an easy fresh water rinse. If we dunk it goes right back on the rack.
  5. Roll it to a shady area or warm indoor area for drying.
  6. Roll it back to the storage area, ready for the next dive.
  7. We also have a DryGuy dryer for hoods that we plug in after the rinse cycle and leave it on the rack so we do not forget the hoods.

This inexpensive “off the shelf” rack has cut our packing, unpacking, and cleaning time by more than half, and helped us never leave a piece of gear at home.