Day 2, #DEMAshow 2016

This is Day 2 on the #DEMAshow floor.


  • Scubapro has added a new position of Global Head of Innovation signaling that are back in the game of change. It shows in their new products beyond the revolutionary Hydros Pro BC our ScubaGadget 2017 Product of the Year award winner (see our full article).
  • They also have added the new A620 regulator. Which offers a smaller profile with the same size diaphragm and other features that keep the performance and work of breathing in the peak performance range. So many other small and light regulators on the market sacrifice performance and sometime safety for size. Their upgrade to the Aladdin line adds a dot matrix and line along the bottom of the screen to allow more flexible display options. The now come with Bluetooth capability and the features found in their high end Galileo computer.
  • On the style side, they’re offering some new, stylish, zippered rash guards.
  • The new Nova 2100 SF (Spot Flood) light, which came from a partnership with Sealife, “offers both a 65º wide beam and a 15º spot beam to perfectly match different diving situations. Five light modes plus an emergency signal mode provide lots of versatility, with one-button control for easy operation.”
  • A new full-featured and very affordable BC, called the Equalizer, comes in at only $499.
  • Their popular dive and roll bag is 30% lighter.
  • Two new watersport/boat jackets with plush soft linings similar to those found on their high-end wetsuits.
  • All of the Scubapro fins will now have holes near the tips for hanging, like the ones on the Seawing Nova fins. They are also offering a cute and small travel fin called the Go fin, as in “GO TRAVELING. GO DIVING. GO SNORKELING – WITH THE GO FIN.” The GO fin works with bare feet or 3mm wet socks. They will snap together for travel and retail at a budget friendly $69.


  • After our last look at Sealife, with their remarkable HD 2.0 action camera, it almost seemed like they were getting out of the regular camera business. They really fooled us–they’ve come back with their new DC 2000 underwater camera, and its the most advanced camera ever from Sealife. This offering has a quality, full-featured camera and waterproof camera on the inside of a redesigned but still “Sealife simple” case. This is a “no-worries system” because the outer case is waterproof to 200′, and, even if it does leak, the inner camera is waterproof also, to sixty feet. This camera has 25 land and sea modes, and uses a 20 megapixel 1″ Sony sensor for high quality photos. It features a 3″ LCD screen, an onboard flash and synchronization and wi-fi. In addition to Sealife’s glove-friendly piano button, there’s a big red aluminum wheel for switching between camera features.
  • Their new Seadragon 2300 auto light has an exciting new feature which is unique to Seadragon lights. Its built-in photocell light sensor will automatically regulate brightness based on proximity to the object in ten brightness levels. This feature can be easily over-ridden if a constant brightness level is preferred by simply selecting the 100%, 50% or 25% brightness through the main control button. We’re becoming more impressed with Sealife every time we visit them.
  • We appreciate that, at our urging last year, SeaLife has started to join with Light and Motion in publishing their video/photo light beam angles in both surface and underwater ratings.

Aqua Lung

  • Aqua Lung is joining the modular trend their new Outlaw modular, customizable BC systems. IT comes with a 12lb or 25lb pound air cell. You can order different size parts to make a perfect fit. It will retail for $389.
  • From their Military line, Apex MTX-R regulator is tested to Navy requirements at 0.5°C below 189 fsw. This regulator is made to be tough, easy to service and reliable for the worst conditions. They are discontinuing the XTS Titanium model.
  • The Fusion Bullet, Fit and KVR drysuits have a new core liner which replaces the “DryCore.” Called the “AirCore” it is breathable and slicker which allows for the easier donning, a common complaint from some divers about the Fusion line. These same suits also now come standard with the SLT ring system for easy seal replacments. Repairs are even more simple, if that is possible, using a new iron on patch. They have added a zipper bridge to make skin changing a breeze. This means, no more futsing with velcro which was nearly impossible to realign properly.
  • They have upgraded their EVO four drysuit boot with a new Vibram sole and fin keeper and very nice quick lace system. The long toe and low profile design will allow the boot to fit more fins.
  • The new AquaFlex wetsuit line was developed for bodies in motion and comes in three different thicknesses (3mm, 5mm, 7mm). The AquaFlex neoprene has three times the stretch of standard neoprene, which makes the suits easy to get on and off and conform to your body shape. We liked the stylish design and colors. Aqua Lung always assures their products designed for woman are not in name only. They are truely exceptional at meeting the needs of women divers.

Huish Outdoors (Bare, Zeagle, Atomic, Stalsac, Liquivison)

  • Zeagle was showing a prototype of new molded rubber fin. The also have a custom BC app which customers can use to fully design their BC and then take the order to their LDS. We were impressed with a closer look a the Zeagle’s first jacket style BC. It’s the only jacket style BC with the patented Ripcord System® – It comes with an adjustable and compensating cummerbund, two large accessory pockets and seven stainless steel D-rings for all your accessories.
  • Atomic Aquatics new BC1 is their first entry into the BC marketplace. But of course Atomic could not just build a BC they had to build and Atomic BC. And this one is not just made with the normal superior quality and elegance of the design you would expect from Atomic. This BC is super Atomicated. There are so many features you want in a BC that you will have to wait for our full review to have any justice. But to name a few, how about a BC that is totally made in-house and with Atomic care, down to the smallest screw. Add to that a remarkable ratchet locking cam band system we already can see is the best tank band in the industry, repositionable D-rings, and a full coating that sheds water for instant drying. We also must mention the unique and patented EZ-LOK weight release system which clips into the back of the BCD pocket with minimal effort. It would not even be close to refer to this as the Cadillac of BCs. A better moniker might be is the Maybach Exelero of BCs. And the price of $1399 for this jacket style BC makes a bold statement on its own.
  • Bare has introduced accessories (boots, gloves, hoods) made with Celliant® Infrared fabric, a responsive textile, that continuously warms the diver using their own body heat to compliment their Celliant-based wetsuits.
  • Stahlsac has added a new line called “Storm Line” which they say is for all the activities after you arrive at your destination. It includes drybags, packs and more.


  • Clemenzo 2016 scooter overview from Laura James on Vimeo.

    We got so tied up in friendly chat at the SUEX booth that we forgot to take notes. But luckily our friend Larua James made a great video to tell you about their products.


  • We are impressed with the new feature TDI/SDI/ERDI has added to their online training. Now students get a chat window and can ask an instructor questions at any time during their online studies. For now, it only during business hours but they hope to expand to 24/7 soon. They have also introduced a new divemaster slate to help divemasters never miss a point in their briefings.
  • DiveRite was showing their new HP50 with 2 times the output of the previous model. After telling ScubaGadget that “canister lights were dead”a year ago, they have come out with new 2500 lumen convertible canister light. It will allow those that still want a canister to make a comfortable transition. Their new Nomad LS sidemount BC is the most streamline int eh “L” family. It has the inflator and exhaust valves placed at the front/inside of the wing and not on the exterior, to keep them free from exposure.
  • Submersible System, the Spare Air people were showing of product which made us think. At first glance, it is just a quick-draw scuba kit with minimalist harness, no octopus and a pony bottle. This is not unlike a setup sold by XS Scuba for shallow work (e.g. boat cleaning) and fun. But on closer inspection, you find that the second stage regulator is attached to a snorkel. There is a large, red paddle lever to switch between scuba air and snorkel air.  It makes you go, “HUH.” They call it a “snoklelator.” They claim that people will actually want a system that will allow them to switch from snorkle to scuba without removing a mouthpiece. They also claim it is “safe” because it is a dry snokel and defaults to tank air. We think that if this product makes it to market (it’s not on their website) that we will next read about it associated with a large personal injury or death.
  • SEABOB is a new venture making “luxury sea toys.” Their first offering is a stylish surface/subsurface scooter. This is tech toy for the top 10% to buy or maybe the rest of us can rent one. It has stylish retro/future design and costs $8950 – $12K.
  • MORE AFTER THE BREAK… check back to this article soon.

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