Gloves we Love: Deep See Dry Comfort Gloves

If you are like me, just because you are diving in cooler waters, wearing a drysuit and all the trappings that go with it, you still want to have warm hands and dexterity while under the sea. We’ve tried many glove configurations over the years, but my current favorite is the Deep See Dry Comfort glove. Combining Skin-out neoprene wrist seals with flexible, comfortable gloves, the Dry Comfort gloves allow greater dexterity while diving dry, and keep my hands warmer.

The dual cuff layers allowed us to use them in an amazing variety of configurations from full dry to a classic semi-dry wet glove. Configurations we tried include:

  • the inner cuff locked into a standard ring system (Si Tech in this case).
  • same as above with the outer cuff pulled over the ring for added protection
  • the inner cuff under the drysuit seal and the outer cuff pulled over the ring
  • the inner cuff under the drysuit seal and the outer cuff loose
  • a normal wet glove configuration
  • for added cold and protection we used it with a thin Marigold glove over top

A quick scan of scuba forums and reviewer sites reveals that I am not alone in my positive assessment of the Deep See Dry Comfort gloves. Many divers agree, saying that the gloves “are much more form fitting, very warm, and seem very rugged”, “at 4 mm, I could manipulate my gear quite well underwater and was adequately warm”,” and “I have them and love them, even on deeper dives requiring deco.”

When I wear them in full dry glove configuration, the gloves do make my hands perspire when wearing nothing underneath so I use a think mico-liner. This very thin base glove allowed me to stay toasty warm at 48F. Colder temps may required a slightly heavier under-glove. While it did very well for us in the colder waters, in water temps above 55F this glove is a champ.

The gloves can be used with a standard drysuit ring system or simply pulled over your wrist. If used with a drysuit, one way to use them is to put the neoprene inner glove under your wrist seal, then pull the outer glove flap over the wrist seal. We found that to be a bit of work, but worth it if do not have a ring system. My hands stay completely dry using the glove with the ring system. I’ve also used them with a thin, “Marigold” glove pulled over the ring system and have stayed perfectly dry while retaining flexibility and dexterity. The gloves retail at around $45.00.

Deep See Dry Comfort Glove Features:

  • 4mm SEEFLEX Nylon II neoprene
  • Triple glued and taped for water tight integrity
  • Skin-out neoprene wrist seals for use with drysuits
  • Rubberized coating for protection & added grip
  • SIZES: XSmall through 2XLarge

For their amazing array of configuration options, great comfort and dexterity we give the Deep See Dry Comfort gloves 4.8 stars (out of five). They are one more reason to dive the great temperate waters of the world.

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