DEMA 2011 – DAY 1 Coverage summary

Here is a summary of what we saw on day one of the 2011 DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida. We will have end of day coverage throughout the show as well as live tweets and facebook posts during the day.

The following are some of the interesting products we saw in the in DEMA Show New Products display area.

  • Cetatek Aquabionic Fins water adapting fins (booth 2471)
  • Web Deploying SMB (booth 2470),
  • Whites Diving now has a sharp Ladies Fusion and super flexible Thermal Fusion undergarment (super flexible) (booth 2031);
  • Mimeticus regulator bubble muffler (booth 1112);
  • Light and Motion has new and much requested pistol grip and hand mount for the Sola lights (booth 746);
  • Si Tech has oval wrist seal rings (booths 147, booth 347);
  • Dive Alert has a lighted SMB (booth 829);
  • Hollis branded Mantaray fins;
  • Innovative has 3D fish cards (booth 1166);
  • Aqualung has us standing straighter with the Axion BCD with Wrapture; Dry Case had a Dry Bag good to 100 feet (booth 962);
  • Glamour dive mask from SEAC Sub (booth 1767)
Notes from Booths we visited
  • We had a chance to try on the new Whites Thermal Fusion ( in a Whites Fusion drysuit and it was as flexible and warm as claimed.
  • Whites Diving also has a sexy new Fusion Bullet drysuit skin for the ladies. The skin is designed with curves where curves are supposed to be, a subtle V neck, faux lace and sleek new logo.
  • We saw the first pairs of the new CETATEK AquaBionic WARP fin (WARP = Water Adapting Responsive Propulsion) and met the designer. The flexible inset responds and reacts to the its liquid environment giving the advantages enjoyed by marine mammals. Shipping around March 2012. We will have a full report with video soon.
  • DryCase has a zip loc style bag that they claim can safely transport your smartphone or iPad on a dive down to 100 fsw; and use it down there too. It is similar to bag style waterproof casing of the past, but has an air evacuating bulb to help guarantee water tightness. Interesting but no guarantee.
  • Aqualung is showing long awaited and sexy looking upgrade in its Legend regulator. The Legend LUX has a smaller body but larger ports on the first stage for increased breathing performance. The standard round yoke screw handle has been changed to a more ergonomic shape to help with loosening. A new dust cap prevents overriding the ACD (which keeps the first stage dry). They have also integrated the Venturi control knob with the dial adjustment to simply and prevent problem.
  • Aqualung also has added new innovative changes to their BCs: weight integration features the SureLock™II (patented) mechanical lock and release mechanism. The weight pockets align themselves. Just insert the pocket until it “clicks”. A simple, single-pull release is all that is needed to jettison the weights in an emergency; A new, proprietary backpack has a built in traction pad to reduce tank slippage as well as a built in carrying handle; Two large lobe pockets are secured with heavy-duty zippers complete with zipper pull tabs; A scooped octo-pocket on the top front of the right lobe makes it easy to stow and deploy an octopus. The octopus remains visible and accessible throughout the dive.
  • Ultimate Tech is showing a coming system to convert your iPhone into fully air-integrated dive computer. The system is a case milled from an aluminum block and includes hardware and firmware to transmit input into the phone. The system has two other modes besides computing. They allow you to use the phone to take photos and video and play audio underwater. However, there are not any functional headphones to listen to the audio at depth. They system reminds us of how many creative minds we find in the scuba world.
  •  GoPro, the standard for POV video (See the Mythbusters), has a exciting and dynamic booth. They are showing off their new HD Hero 2 camera that is twice the camera of the original model. This full 1080p model gives the amateur a truely professional tool for only $299 msrp. Also coming in the first quarter of 2012 is a much requested $50 dive specific case with a flat lens port that eliminates the wide angle distortion.
  • Midland Radio, those people you may remember  from CB days, is offering a competitive product to GoPro’s camera. For $259 they offer a simple to use POV camera with all accessories, including a flat lens port. We hope to review both cameras in the near future. Their camera case is currently only rated to 100 fsw but they hope to get a deep rating soon.
We will have more news tomorrow and live FaceBook ( and throughout the day.