DEMA SHOW 2010 – ScubaGadget Live Coverage Starts Wednesday, November 17, 2010

image It’s time again for the grand DEMA show (Dive Equipment & Marketing Association). It is the CES of the dive world when the industry shows off the new exciting products and determines what you’ll see in your local dive shop. It is a dive gear geeks heaven. ScubaGadget will have all the coverage LIVE from the show floor via ScubaGadget, Twitter @scubaGadget, our Facebook page, and YouTube. We will bring you the details and deep background on both the new gear and the burning issues that effect you as a diver.

Besides the hot new products, here are a few of the stories we will be exploring at the show.

  • What’s new for women divers.
  • The best travel deals for the coming year.
  • Super bright OLED dive computers and personal dive assistants (e.g. Uemis)
  • “Techreational” crossover gear.
  • Have Miflex braided hoses made it into the mainstream?
  • Will underwater GPS be a reality or just vaporware?
  • Heated drysuit undergarments? Really?
  • Grading on the brightness curve: the rapid dimming of some of the new super bright LED lights and which stay bright longest. 
  • Quality fade, recalls and safety of scuba products and parts made in China.

If you have any story suggestions or news tips, contact or 360-881-0274.