DEMA Show 2011 Day 2 Coverage

Here is a summary of what we saw on day two of the 2011 DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida. We will have end of day coverage throughout the show as well as live tweets and facebook posts during the day.

Notes from Booths we visited today:
  • Spoke with the people at the COARE (Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research, and Education) booth. COARE seeks to enlighten people, young and old, to the plight of the oceans, to change the way they think and act, and to encourage them to create positive and lasting change. Some of the projects COARE is actively pursuing include shark conservation – increasing awareness of shark finning and the deleterious effects of shark fin soup consumption;  raising public awareness of some very commonly overlooked sources of trash (plastic); educating children  on promoting sustainable choices and reducing ocean-bound waste; and co-authoring and supporting a proposal for a new array of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Additionally, COARE is proud to offer Shark Safe℠ certification to businesses that distinguish themselves through their dedication to shark conservation.
  • A Danish company, WiseDive was showing two new high intensity LED dive lights; a 3000 lumen handheld and a 5000 lumen canister light. The lights were constructed from a shock proof plastic with a teflon-like, yet non-slippery surface, and aluminum for the torch head. Unlike with many dive lights, WiseDive says you can also use their lights on the surface because of their patented “ram-flow cooling system. These lights can actually be connected to a computer by the user to change features, such as the dimming steps and max/min. levels, strobe, temperature setpoint and automatic decrease light settings. The full power burn time was 2.5 – 3 hours. The light is modular and you can use the head of the flashlight on the canister system. The canister was smaller than others commonly found. We found the light interesting and hope to try one. The single magnetic rotating switch did not seem easy to use at first, but a button switch is available as an option. The company is looking for US distributors.
  • aquaSketch the makers of the underwater scrolling writing, drawing and reference system was showing a wide variety of pre-printed scrolls for their systems (e.g. The Dive Safety Checklist, Instructor Class Log, Fish ID Chart, Photo Log, Five Dive Logs). Additionally, each diver can now create his or her own custom “Apps” online at the App Designer. Our pro/research dive specialist was impressed and saw many valuable applications for this product.
  • An early front runner fir the “oddest product of show” is the Mimeticus “muffler regulator (our term).” The first stage of this regulator incorporates, what they call and an Ossamer bubble noise adjustor to reduce the bubble size and the lower frequency noise produced by diver exhalation bubbles.
  • Scuba Solutions USA, LLC was showing an Easy Tank Strap (Patent Pending) for attaching your tank to your BCD. It is amazing to us that we all had easy tank straps back in the earlier days of diving, but they seem to disappear until the recently. Now, variation on the theme are available on new BCDs (e.g. Aqualung Axiom with Griplock) and in after market products like this one.  The Scuba Solutions offering seems simple to open and close and has a ratchet system for snugging it up. MSRP is only $39.99. We are taking home a pair of them to try for a live dive test and will give a full report after in the near future. Later in the day I notice the owner of a certain large dive equipment manufacturer walking around with an Easy Tank Strap under his arm. We will investigate further.
  • We did confirm from John Wager of APS that Hollis has licensed and branded the Mantaray fins. We love these compact fins for travel and calm water, relaxed diving.
  • Hollis was also showing the new Hollis Explorer sport rebreather form VR Technology. The claim is that this technology has never before been seen on any underwater apparatus. The system is unique in using a single gas; Nitrox, and is electronically controlled to achieve an optimal balance of PPO2 and dive time. It has a 2 hour bottom time and no bubbles like other rebreathers. It is designed to meet the PADI Type R requirement. The Explorer package ready to dive out of the box and should retail for less than $5500. It should be available in March or April 2012. Hollis with offer a training program until the PADI or other cert agency program kicks in.
  • We learned that Huish Outdoors (also see ) has purchased its third scuba related company this year. The new owners of Bare Sports and Atomic Aquatics, Huish has added Stalsac to the fold. Stalsac has been a maker of quality watersports bags for 33 years. We continue to be impressed by the quality choices the Huish family in making and look forward to seeing how this story plays out.
  • Fourth Element was showing a few additions to its Thermocline neutrally buoyant wetsuit line and is now offering a one piece jumpsuit version of the Arctic undergarment. The Thermocline is also a great choice for staying warm while kayaking or paddle boarding. You can also read our full, live dive review of their remarkable Halo 3d undergarment, a ScubaGadget editor’s choice award winner at
  •  Si Tech AB showed us their, soon to be released oval exchange ring system. Not only is it a much more low profile, quick change ring system for dry gloves and wrist seals, it also has an amazing easy lock system that snaps on or off much easier than we ever thought possible. As we talked, I kept snapping and splitting the rings in mesmerized amazement.  We are excited about swapping out our bulky round rings for this new system. They also promised that new smaller sizes of their silicon wrist and neck seals for women and other divers with small wrists or thin necks are on the way. I also noticed that, like Hollis Si Tech also shows the APS Mantaray Fins on their website.
  • Light and Motion has the much requested hand grip and better hand strap for the Sola dive light series. The perfect dive light, just got better. Also see our full review on the award winning Sold Dive 1200 at

We will have more news tomorrow and live FaceBook ( and throughout the day.