DEMA Show 2012 Day 1 Coverage

Here is a summary of what we saw on day one of the 2012 DEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will have end of day coverage throughout the show as well as live tweets and Facebook posts during the day. This year we have a larger team on the show floor including Chris Chambers and Chen Yu Su. Chris and Chen are new divemasters and first time DEMA show attendees. We will have a special report from them on DEMA show as seen through the fresh eyes.

At the end of the show we will have a full wrap-up with “best of show” and other awards. In the coming months we’ll bring you in-depth reports and live-dive test of some products.

We welcome input from all readers, at the show or not. Please let us know what you would like us to cover and, if you are at the show, please let us know your pick for “best of show” and “oddist of show.” You can follow and contact us via and @facebook on twitter.

  • We saw some new offerings from BigBlue (booth 452). We like the diminutive AL and CF 250M (lumens) dive light for only $99. It is a primary light in the size of a backup light. We saw the AL and CF 900 lumen lights with equally enticing prices. At only $189 and $229 respectivly this is making it easier for the diver on budget to ward of light envy when diving with buddies that own a super bright light. I also appreciate that the new CF (focasable) lights no longer have the distinct four square image on the tight beam mode. The are due out Dec 5th 2012.
  • Light and Motion (booth 1145) has joined the flourescent diving area and is also showing off their SOLA NightSea. L&M claims this is the “most powerful flourescent excitor (light) on the market.” As we have seen, L&M can backup their claims. This light stands to give a boost to this exciting niche diving sector.
  • ScubaPro is celebrating their 50th anniversary and the have a musuem inside their booth with every regulator they every made. It is a highlight of the show. More later on the new ScubaPro offerings.
  • Aqua Lung’s (booth 3323) new Apex Black Ice BCD replaces the Black Diamond and brings their innovative and back saving Wrapture System to this model. The Ice also has no back plate so it can roll up nicely for packing. MSRP $695
  • Whites (booth 3427) is giving away one of the new Fusion One drysuit each day. To qualify for the whole show you just need to stop by the booth and try one on.
  • Irikonji dive gear – Professional shorts for pool and outdoor. Wear over drysuit and wetsuit with lots of pockets and rings to clip your accessories
  • Aquabionic Warp1 Fins – A new fin design with edging that produces a channel to give you more thrust with same amount of energy. (We’ll be posting a review soon on
  • GoPro Hero3 New Hero 3 cameras. Wi-fi built in and also comes with wi-fi remote. Also has new GoPro App Compatible to allow viewing from Hero 3. Wi-fi only above land. $399 for the black package.
  • Glo-toob USA tank and emergency lights. Has many different colors. Includes industrial (Navy) version where it has different settings including SOS mode. Around $20-25 for req purpose model and $45-50 for Industrial model.
  • More innovation from Aqua Lung. We also saw the new $90 Impression mask that has frame but it is molded right into the silicon so it has features of both styles. Their new Apex regulator has unique slow purge feature that is activated by pressing the side of the purge face. Don Peterson our regulator guru commented that this could help prevent free flows in cold water. The first stages also have an option to a 5th port. And they look cool too.
  • Cressi: GirlDiver and Cressi rep Cindy Ross showed of Cressi’s new line of economical masks for $39 each. She claims they are indentical to other manufactures $80+ masks. We also saw the carbon fiber bladed freediving fin. It is a modular fin that comes in sizes down to 6 which makes it good fit for women divers. They also have male and female specific travle BCDs.
  • Lavacore’s (booth 2035) unique technical garments are quite interesting and worth a look. Their tagline is “Not a skin – Not a wetsuit – Better.” It’s poly layer, makes it a wind proof tri-lam, that works for many water sports and is great for layering under a wetsuit. We are planning on getting some for a full scale test.
  • We are also looking closly at the trend toward recreational side mount. Nick Hollis (Hollis Booth 3425) spent time showing us their upcoming SMS 50 (by Christmas) Sport rec side mount bcd. This trim ready to dive unit makes sidemount diving inviting with an over the sholder inflater setup. MSRP $599 – We will have more on the sidemount during the show.
  • Aeris (booth 3427) is showing off their upcoming travel BCD/pack that is a full BC built into a travel backpack that will hold your regulator, mask, clothes and more.
  • Edge – under water housing for iPad to take pic and video. Down to 300 feet.
  • Tropical Seas creates sunscreens for “Reef Safe”. Simple as that. A sunblock that is biodegradable. If anyone is heading out to warm water diving you should think about “Reef Safe” sunscreen safer.
  • Shark Savers Like REEF but only for sharks. Dedicated to saving sharks and mantas through building awareness, education, and action
  • the folks at Prescription Dive Masks (booth 3342), who add quality lenses into your dive mask, say their prices are staying the same again as they have been for the last 2 years.
  • Fusion One is White’s new drycore technology back entry drysuit at a very sweet price point ($999). Even at this low price, it’s a quality, full-feature drysuit. We tried it on at DEMA today – it’s comfortable, lightweight (around 4lb) and would make a great travel suit for trips anywhere in the world. Package it with the NoZip undergarment, boots and a backpack for $1449.
  • Light and Motion has a new primary tech dive light the SolaTech600. This small 3 level light has an extended burn time up to 12 hours and exceeds specs of many canister lights twice the cost. MSRP $699.
  • We took a look at Poseidon’s “fashion forward” wetsuit and drysuit One Shoe boots. They are too cool.
  • There’s a new kid in town at Palau – the new Palau Dive Adventures (PDA) is located at the Sea Passion Hotel and offers “a liveaboard lifestyle by day with the comfort of land-based accomodations and Palauan hospitality by night.”

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