DEMA Show 2012 Day 2 Coverage

Here is a summary of what we saw on day two of the 2012 DEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will have end of day coverage throughout the show as well as live tweets and Facebook posts during the day. This year we have a larger team on the show floor including Chris Chambers and Chen Yu Hsu. Chris and Chen are new divemasters and first time DEMA show attendees. We will have a special report from them on DEMA show as seen through the fresh eyes.

At the end of the show we will have a full wrap-up with “best of show” and other awards. In the coming months we’ll bring you in-depth reports and live-dive test of some products.

We welcome input from all readers, at the show or not. Please let us know what you would like us to cover and, if you are at the show, please let us know your pick for “best of show” and “oddist of show.” You can follow and contact us via and @facebook on twitter.

New Products:

  • MarineCom RYUKYU i-Malajud underwated speech device. LED light enables voice communication Booth 1376
  • Wetgear – boots with little “finny toes” in them. Worlds first walkable flipper. Neoprene boot with little tiny flipper on the end. Booth 570
  • A Plus Marine Supply – Flag Bag mesh dive bag that turns into a dive flag Booth 2830I-dive
  • iGill – iPhone case first smart diving system dive computer, still and video camera, compass and more.
  • Watershot Inc has yet another camera housing for iPhone 4/4S
  • Polar Pro Snap-On filters for GoPro economical price Booth 3247
  • Mares Instinct 12S regulator has revolutionary shape of 2nd stage that introduces a multiplicity of benefits Booth 2840
  • EdgeWASP all inclusive underwater video lighting system Booth 446
  • iDive underwater housing that allows you the functionality of the iPad while underwater. Booth 678
  • DUI diver heating system that will out perform all systems in heating performance and design as well as meet diving safety standards.
  • UTD selling SNUBA system floating scuba tank Booth 1070
  • DiveMate LLC SDS1 Scuba Donning System easily mounts to gunnel of small boat and holds your tank
  • H2 Odyssey – Torid Pulse underwater tagger to get buddy’s attention underwater and playing underwater “paint ball” Booth 426
  • DivePhone by Innovasub – yet another case that turns your phone into a dive computer. Curved to fit on wrist.
  • UTD selling SNUBA system floating scuba tank Booth 1070
  • Morfin DBA Predator Power Fins is a “new product” (as they are every year). Still looks like a cartoon fin.
  • SiTech AB Antares Oval Dry Glove System – “The most comfortable dry glove system ever fielded.”
  • Diver Guard intelligent technology that fits on a BCD. Replaces inflator and monitors diver’s breathing.
  • Nanuk waterproof lifetime guarantee storage cases
  • Greenforce/Kaplan Scuba – new titanium quadra star 960 lumen lighthead booth 3270
  • Fourth Element – new cordura stretch fabric drysuit combines flexibility, durability and lightweight technology. booth 1479
  • UTD Z-system technical sidemount ISO manifold.
  • iDive underwater housing that allows you the functionality of the iPad while underwater. Booth 678
  • DUI diver heating system that will out perform all systems in heating performance and design as well as meet diving safety standards

The Day’s Coverage

  • Need signature for the military to release ship to this organization to make new artificially reef. Visit an sign the petition
  • We were very impressed with Cascade Game Foundry’s Infinite Scuba program. We feel it holds great promise for both inspiring potential divers to try scuba and training current divers in a fun manner.
  • Infinite Scuba™ is a reality-based, environmentally-respectful video game that enables players to experience the beauty, mystery, and serenity of scuba diving and treasure hunting in exotic real-world locations. We will definitely be doing an article on this as soon as it is released. First module price will be $9.99. Release date is set for the first quarter of 2013. See them at the DEMA booth.
  • Attended a White’s seminar on their Fusion Plus program which holds tangible promise for keeping divers in the sport by starting them off being able to dive warm and dry anywhere in the world. The unique aspects of the Fusion suit make it much less expensive for dive shops to start divers off diving dry in the open water class and to train experienced divers to dive dry. It’s easier for divers to get their drysuit specialty. One fascinating tidbit we learned was the top three reasons why divers leave the sport: 3) Time and money, 2) Lack of dive buddies and 1) Negative open water experience (often including being cold). Also, when given a choice between learning to dive wet or dry, 9 out of 10 new divers will choose dry.
  • Beuchat International (booth 1041) only started bringing back their regulators to the US 2 years ago. They were showing off their Beuchat VX10 Iceberg. This retooled regulator is lighter, with an aluminum faceplate and large exhaust ports that channel bubbles further away from the diver’s face. We also learned that Beuchat is the only company that tests all new regulators in a digital dive chamber (they virtually dive each regulator to all depths while flow-testing on a computerized system) and gives you a full graphic printout of all the specs of your specific regulator in the box.
  • Lign was showing off their sole product of this couple’s new business. The product is a LED light that attaches to a high pressure port on the diver’s regulator and flashes white when the diver reaches half pressure in the tank and red when the diver’s tank is nearly empty. The main use is said to be for dive masters and instructors to be able to gauge the pressure in the diver’s tanks under their watch. Sells for $140 dollars. Release date is projected by Christmas. Booth 2574
  • At Liquivision, which by the way has the best backdrop of any booth, we looked at their Lynx air integrated passive OLED wrist mounted dive computer with transmitter due out first quarter of 2013. $1399 or $mul999 sans transmitter. The most unique feature of this dive computer is that it uses sonar to transmit from the sensor. This allows it to pick up multiple pressure reports from buddy’s transmitters at a distance of up to 330′ . Other manufacturer’s radio based transmitters usually only work within a few feet from the tank.
  • At BARE sports we noticed a lot of new fashion forward styling especially for women and kids, especially on their wet suits. We also looked at their new Velocity mid-priced wet suit series with “progressive” stretch. The suit is built completely out of super stretch materials but with a very specific placement of different levels of stretch to offer super flexibility in certain areas and more durability in others. Because of their association with Stahlsac has a stylish new line of BARE branded dive bags. BARE also showed off their new trilam pro dry drysuit which starts at just over $1000. Booth 735
  • Atomic is adding a stylish hard case accessory for their amazing OLED Cobalt dive computer. The case will be available soon for $25. They also have a new firmware for the Cobalt computer coming soon which allows it to work with the latest versions of the Mac OS and has other features like new compass and dive log.
  • SeeDive is taking up the space left by Dive Optx press-on cheater lenses which are no longer available. The SeeDive press-on lenses are thinner than Dive Opts lenses were, adhere to mask better and cover a larger range (from +1 to +6 diopters) and slightly more expensive at $45 – $50 dollars.
  • For advanced or novice divers, check out to put some fun in your diving!
  • – Organization that helps people in need with diving therapy. Help by donating.