DEMA Show 2013 – Day 1, New Products

These are some of the interesting products we saw at the DEMA Show 2013 ( #demashow2013 ) new products area. We’ll have further reports on many of these products. Booth numbers are listed for those at the show.

  • Si-Tech has upgraded their neck ring system and greatly increased the flexibility.  Booth #2401
  • Whites is showing the stylish Fusion Essence Dry Suit for women. Booth #120
  • Apex had an ultralight back plate and compact donut wing. Booth #120
  • Diviac has the “first social dive log app” Booth #314
  • ReefSafe sunscreen, which we reviewed, has a boat bracket and a larger size sunscreen bottle. Users can pump and apply before they splash. Booth #2369
  • Liquivision has their new OLED air integrated dive computer called the Lynx with a sonar transmitter. Booth #1570
  • Seashell has a $159 underwater case for Galaxy S3 and S4 Booth #2321
  • Zayak has a snorkel board “sea sled” with a “viewing port” Booth #424
  • Pelican has a 7 day cooler with freezer seal Booth #1521
  • Scuba Life has a sub tech blow up personal snuba-like system. Booth #233
  • QuikPod underwater monopod looks perfect for the GoPro camera Booth #1737
  • Light and Motion has their new GoBe light multi-sport modular light system Booth #2029
  • An updated version of the Bladefish scooter went from looking like a household fan to a much more compact turbo jet.
  • UTD has a scuba stand up paddle board. Their booth is #1683
  • Shearwater has a heads up display dive computer for use on a Rebreather.