DEMA Show 2013 – Day 2 Highlights

Here are today’s (Thursday) DEMA Show (#demashow2013) updates. We’ll be adding to the updates throughout the day.

  • When you think of SSI, you think fashion forward, hip, trendy clothes, right? We don’t either. But since we saw their new clothing line, we’re starting to reconsider. Everything from t-shirts, board shorts, swim shorts, polos, jackets, sweat shirts and smart-looking button up shirts are flattering, stylish and très chic for the diver who wants to look good topside.
  • If you’re at the show, be sure to head over to the Fiji booth representing Qamea Beach Resort and Spa, South Island Pacific travel. Drop your card in and enter to win a resort stay!
  • Light and Motion’s three new Sola dive lights boast some impressive lumens. Their new Sola 2000 has a 2000 flood and a 600 lumen spot. $799 msrp. If you don’t need that much flood or are on a budget, ever their Sola 500, currently a reduced price of $199, will give you 500 lumens of both flood and spot lighting.A new Sola 2100 video light (available in 2014) has an impressive lumen output of 2100 flood and a 1200 spot. The 2100 has a new diffusion reflector on it that gives a remarkable 90 degree flood – $899 msrp.  It’s being sold as a video light but would make a mighty fine dive light, too. Look for the Sola 2500 in 2014, too. Both flood and spot are 2500 lumens.

    We also checked out the GoBe light system at Light and Motion. The GoBe is compatible with 6 different light heads and a wide range of accessories. It has a two battery system and is good to 120 meters. The changeable heads make this a light for use in all kinds of sports. The GoBe sports a travel lock to prevent turning on while in transit. There’s currently no diving hand mount but they’re thinking about it.

  • The island of  Antigua, West indies is considering  “cutting edge”  legal action by passing a law to ban the captivity of Marine Mammals forever.  In light of the growing swim with dolphins programs popping up through the  Caribbean,  this shows a  brave environmental stand from the Government to protect the marine  environment.
  • CaquabionicETATEK products inc., of British Columbia, Canada, makers of the WARP1 fins (see our review) is set to release the updated 2014 version of the original warp1 fin world-wide by early December 2013. The new version – the aquabionic 1 – answers users’  equests for a softer fin kick. Incorporating a “softer initial break”, or, in terms we like to use, a softer leg, the new fin will be more forgiving on your legs and calves. This fin comes with their new proprietary new stainless steel spring strap system that offers 3” of quick and easy adjustment. It features a no-tools “twist to fit” micro adjustment to provide the diver with the perfect balance of comfort and guardians ecurity against fin loss. The straps are also sold separately in black and will fit any standard fin.

    CETATEK didn’t forget the Wow factor, either. The next model, available at DEMA 2014, will truly be a next gen fin: not only will you be able to swap out the foot pockets; you’ll also be able to swap out the fin blade for different types of diving.

  • It’s no wonder CETATEK comes up with creative design ideas. Simon Morris, partner and VP Marketing and Sales, is also is a sculptor of bronze statues, including the underwater statue The Guardian of the Deepscheduled for undersea installation in Grand Cayman in January 2014.
  • Nautilus Lifeline has a new fireware out that allows you to do a self-diagnosis. and trigger an LED strobe for extra safety. It also comes in colors of orange and red.

Some say that the risk awareness programs are the best reason to come to DEMA. John attended the engaging SSI Risk Awareness Program and is not a believer. Craig Jenni and his wife Donna Albert of Dive and Marine Consultants, Int., are remarkably skilled at both inspiring and educating dive pros in increasing awareness and protecting from the litigation risks . As Donna said, if you spend enough time in this business, sooner or later, you will be associated with an incident  involving tragedy. Attending this program will go a long way toward prevention of you being found liable.

  • Cressi was showing off their new Giatto dive computer. Named for the artist who drew the perfect circle, this mixed gas risk computer allows you to set or view two different dive mixtures. They’re also adding mirrored lenses to some of the dives in their free diving line that improve vision without blocking light levels. They mentioned that next year they’re coming out with a new  “Gymboree-style” kids line with everything from suits to masks and even beach nappies.
  • We got a chance to meet with Alex Brylske, who we consider the best author of dive educational material. We interviewed him in preparation for a full article we are writing about his new book. We can already say that The Complete Diver is the next book you should buy. Like a great painting, this book is incredibly engaging. No matter what your dive level, this book will inspire you to become a better diver.

Check back often as we’ll be posting more tomorrow.