DEMA Show 2014 – Day 1 Highlights

Here’s our report from Day 1 on the showroom floor at #DEMAshow:

    • Princeton Tec is starting to move away from it’s same old path and offering new products for divers. They include their first metal dive light, the Genesis. It’s a 650 lumen hand light with led power indicator and comes with a glove mount. They also have the Meridian a beacon strobe light. They are replacing their 4 and 8 C cell lights with the Sector 7 and Sector 5 pistol grip lights with 700 and 500 lumens respectively. 
    • The GoBag is a clear dry bag for phone and pads with a double magnetic closure which is much easier to use than others we have seen.
    • A Swedish company called Aqwary has been developing a more effective means of inter-diver communication that doesn’t require specialized systems. It’s an air-integrated computer system, the display is vivid, colorful and bright and look similar to the Atomic Cobalt. It allows up to seven divers and the dive boat to track each other and share information. It can transmit up to 328 feet away, which gives all the divers in the group plenty of time to act when a situation arises.
    • GiliGear (booth 603) mesh diving bag uses material such as “upcycled banners and billboards” to create a cool, sturdy, bag to hold all your dive gear.
    • rinsekitRinse Kit, a ” revolutionary portable shower system with up to 10 minutes of shower spray at 65 PSI. No batteries, no pumping – just hook the Rinse Kit up to the hose system on your house, and you’ll be on your way to your next adventure.” We liked the size, the sturdiness, the convenience of this portable rinse device and saw many potential uses. We’ll be reviewing it spring 2015 and will give you a full update.
    • DUI – This is their first year displaying their new aquistion OMS. Susan Long showed us their new, easy to use web based “design your own dry suit” web application. DUI will be adding an OMS drysuit to their product line.
    • SSI is excited by its #RealDiving program. They’re going completely digital across all devices for a completely redesigned OW online program and will be rolling out specialties in the coming year. At the unveiling we watched a full live demo of the program, which includes: all training courses online and usable via any device (tablet, smart phone, desktop); interactive, up to date content; online logbook: all certification cards are stored online. Besides being one of the first programs to be fully digital, you can use it while online or off. This allows you to not have to carry cards, your logbook, books and notepads when traveling – simply present your training card and logbook via your phone or tablet. Ease of use for students will be great.
    • dive rite lx200Adding one more nail to the canister light coffin, Dive Rite (booth 1249)  has come out with a new LX20 dive light. Dive Rite’s CEO Lamar Hires showed us the new  light — it’s a 20000 lux tech dive light that will burn 4 hours on high. It has a 6 degree beam and 3 levels. It uses standard replacable batteirs, ans is made entirely in the U.S. We asked  Hires if he thought canister lights are dead. He said, “I hope so.” Why? Because we now have hand mount lights with more power and burn time than DR’s previous canister light and no more cables adding to the diver’s dangles. He also said, “Why do we need a cansiter light when this light is brighter than our previous canister light and has no cables?” Retails for $750.
    • CEO and founder of  PSA, Hal Watts (Mr. Scuba),  told us he just came back from doing  a talk  about the enormous rise of helium use and lack of availability, as well as expense. hHe recommends tech divers go back  to “deep air”. His organiztion can train people to manage narcosis in the 200 foot range.
    • Spent wll over an hour with RAID founder Barry Coleman and his staff and will have much more on this organization soon. Their completely online  training programs mean no physical books to lug around. Recognizing that buoyancy issues are the main cause of diver accidents, their focus is on creating confident,  safe divers with special emphasis on high level buoyancy control. Additionally, RAID is the only organization to have online free-dive training all the way from beginner to instructor trainer.

    • Apollo has a unique new pair of short and “walkable” fins in their BioFin line. Called the Ranger Fins, they are used by the Australian military. Although much shorter most any fins staff claimed that they have power equal to other full size BioFins. Apollo is also showing the Solar Pro, the only solar powered dive computer.
    • Our favorite boat coat company, Surf-Fur, now has a jacket style hoodie for between adventure warmth. Visit booth 1873.
    • Pau-Pilau-wetsuit cleanerPau Pilau is an All-Natural wetsuit cleaner that completely removes odor from wetsuits, and even undergarments. We’ll be doing a review of it soon! Booth 706
    • At booth 471, look for Dive Systems new iX3M dive computer with integrated underwater GPW inertial measuring.
    • Look for the Waterproof Rescue and Police dry suits at booth 559
    • At booth 911 you’ll find the Wetgear Rip Flip walkable flippers.
    • Look for EZ Dive pint-sized souvenir dive gear at booth 3020, perfect as a door prize or gift for your diver wannabe.
    • The Dive Vibe waterproof blue tooth speaker is featured at booth 329
    • Poseiden (booth 920) is showing off the new SE7EN Rebreather, developed from the first recreational rebreather.
    • We’ll be doing a review of the new SeaLife   Micro HD (booth 2819), their first permanently sealed, flood-proof, underwater camera. Boasts16GB of onboard memory and a high capacity internal battery, eliminating the need for memory cards, batteries, O-rings, or maintenance.
    • Fourth Element (booth 3163) has released the new, sleek, high tech undergarment, the Artic One Piece.

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