DEMA Show 2015 Day 2 Highlights

Here’s our report from Day 2 on the showroom floor at #DEMAshow #DEMA2015:

  • ScubaPro had their new acquisition, the SeaBear H3 Smart Watch, resembling an Apple iWatch. This color OLED full function dive computer includes all features needed for any diver from recreational through tech and rebreather. It also has a full tile compass. It is not air integrated at this time. This computer was also available through SubGravity, who were very helpful in giving us a full demonstration of the computer’s capabilities.
  • GoPro showed off their new HERO4 session, a tiny cube camera with 1080 and 1440 modes. It has a simple one button action control out of the box, is waterproof to 33’, but there’s no dive case available to go deeper.
  • We spoke with the head of SUUNTO development who showed us the new facelift for the Zoop and Viper dive computers, now called the Zoop Nova and Viper Nova. Besides the multiple color choices it also has new software to match that found in their D9 computers. Available beginning 2016.
  • Atomic Aquatics is adding a new yet to be named BC. In designing this product they’re re-examining the whole concept of a BC and have come up with several innovative features. The entire system is created using exclusive engineering-plastics, polyurethane coated textiles, and corrosion resistant metals. It is completely waterproof, so it will shed water instantly after the dive. It also has a revolutionary new EZ-Lok weight system, making it very quick and easy to load your weights in or out of the water. It has a completely new and exclusive ratcheting Cam-Lok tank band which quickly adjusts to accommodate a variety of tank sizes. No more weaving webbing into a buckle. The band is also non-stretch and no-slip. The D-rings are titanium. The completely new overpressure relief valve system is in three locations with unique pull handles.There’s a new upgrade to the Cobalt dive computer, now called the Cobalt Red. It’s said to eliminate some of the issues of previous versions.We also saw their new coming X1 blade fin, which is a slightly firmer and shorter blade designed to give optimal performance for general diving and alternate kicking styles.
  • Liquivision really impressed us with their OMNIX AI dive computer. It uses a new ultra-bright transflective display, which solves a major problem found all other OLED/TFT dive computers. The OMNIX is highly visible both below the water and in the brightest sunlight. This computer offers a level of situational awareness not available on any other dive computer. You can track and monitor critical information on up to 10 other divers. It is air-integrated with their unique ultrasonic transmitters. It also has an added safety reserve battery which can last up to 2 hours after the main battery dies. Price with transmitter is around $1300 retail.
  • BARE showed their stylish new women’s version of the Evoke premium wetsuit using the unique Celliant Infrared technology that makes this suit warmer than other suits of the same thickness. They also have this year’s limited edition wetsuit which sold out very fast last year. And BARE’s added a women’s version of the X-Mission drysuit, designed for and by tech and cave divers, with a DIR influence.
  • Stahlsac has added their new steel line, which adds a bit of current modern styling found in other hot brands. All steel lined bags have a breathable wet compartment for your gear, quick access zippers. The larger bags come with a pad to stand on while changing.
  • If you love the Galileo line like we do, but long for a watch version, it’s here in the form of the Mantis M2 computer. Also, the ScubaPro transmitters, for all their wireless air integrated computers, have an LED indicator which makes your air pressure visible to buddies, dive guides or instructors.
  • Why would the leader of the training agency who pioneered online training present a talk called How eLearning is Failing the Industry? TDI/SDI’s truth-teller Brian Carney says, “It’s because we’ve been doing eLearning for so long, we’ve made and learned from many mistakes along the way.” The takeaway from this program is that when eLearning first started, agencies and trainers thought it was a way to fast-track courses and shorten or replace class time. Carney says, “No. The real value of the eLearning program is it frees up class time to have more valuable interaction, relationship building and practical time with your students.” For example, instructors can get students engaged on a deeper level by getting them in the compressor room to experience the tank filling process, let them see the insides of a regulator on the work bench or run navigation drills in the parking lot. Carney also added some valuable tips from Lauren Kieren’s talk, Inside the Millennial Mind on how to change up the class room to better teach students in the age group.SDI also has a new feature in their online training where students will be able to have 24/7 access to an instructor, via chat, while taking their online courses.
  • The Infinite Scuba game is adding a third dive site at Edmonds Underwater Park in Edmonds, WA, called the Salish Sea.
  • We’ve chatted with Performance Freediving, and asked them, “What’s the biggest myth that prevents people from getting into freediving?” Their answer: “People say ‘How can I do freediving if I can only hold my breath for 40 sec.?'” They go on to say, “Surprisingly it’s very simple to get up to a 5 min breath-hold and more with a few simple techniques.”
  • Aqualung showed us a new item for the military public sector, which is the Osprey breathable swift-water suit for rescues both above and below the water. They’ve also lowered the price on their Dimension and Lotus BCs.They’ve come out with a redesign for their 25lb and 45lb lift sidemount systems with dual inflator hoses for redundancy.The Thermal Fusion (formerly White’s) has redesigned the inner core of the legs to prevent bunching, making it easier to don.
  • PolarPro Filters showed off their PowerGrip H2O, funded by a Kickstarter campaign. It’s a completely waterproof folding stick for your GoPro that contains a power cords that plugs into a custom back on the GoPro, extending the battery life that divers have been asking for. It also includes a 500 lumen light, all for $200. Available Nov. 15th.
  • The always innovative WaterProof (distributed by TUSA in the U.S.) showed us the W50 – their first women’s wetsuit with SuperFlex neoprene and the D9X drysuit, which is a tech oriented suit. Another unique feature we like on the WaterProof wetsuits is called the W-pad, an almost invisible section on the leg which allows you to add a full size pocket that can be donned and doffed as needed, to keep you gliding through the water. They also designed a very flexible non-compressible mesh undergarment. Like the Fourth Element mesh undergarment known as the HALO, this mesh undergarment is extremely flexible.
  • SSI (Scuba Schools International) now has twenty four online programs, available in many languages, and has added completely digital logbooks for all SSI divers which includes instant GPS locations for all your dive sites and tracking all your buddies’ diving, too.

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