Dive Rite Jetstream DR new design and O2 clean OOB.

The NEW DiveRite Jetstream DR comes O2 clean straight out of the box. It is the only regulator out there that is CE approved for O2 use. The over-pressurization valve on the first stage means that the regulator can now be used with any standard LP hose. However it also means that you cannot mix the second stage with a standard downstream first state because that would eliminate the OP valve altogether. The Xtream first stage uses a patented spherical stainless steel ball along with a soft seat material that virtually eliminates high pressure seat wear that is common in “knife edge” design seating systems. The Scuba Diving Magazine Jetstream review points to the effortless inhalation in both head up and head down positions. There is no upside down so it can used on either side and is easier if passed to an out of air buddy.