Do they have ones that say LEFT and RIGHT?

APS Mantaray Dive Fins is releasing a new “Instructor” version of their Mantaray Dive Fins. These are the same unique design as Mantaray’s other fins with the word “Instructor” printed brightly on the tips. APS’s Mantaray’s John Wagner, told us the fin “gives instructors the recognition they deserve for the patience and time they devote to teaching new divers”. He also hopes these fins will both help students spot their instructor underwater and potential students spot Instructors out of the water.

We wonder if some instructors in the litigious US may see them as lawyer magnets. My first look reminded me of the saying I remember from my fire department days; “last week a couldn’t spell fireman (insert instructor), now I is one.” Maybe they can start a whole new trend with models that announce the divers as, “student”, “may be lost” or “diver with bad buoyancy control.” Extreme tech divers could have “organ donor” on there fins. Joking aside I am impressed with the design of the Mantaray fins and hope to try a pair soon. We welcome your comments if you have used them.