DUI Announces a no charge drysuit testing/service campaign for certain TLS350s

Diving Unlimited International (DUI) received 4 recent reports of unexplained damp spots inside the TLS350 drysuits that were manufactured between September and November 2009. Upon further investigation DUI identified inconsistencies in timagehe butyl rubber layer of a single batch of TLS material produced by a single supplier. DUI reported that “in some (but not all) cases, microscopic air bubbles in the butyl rubber layer may allow water to seep through the fabric.” Because this is not safety issue, DUI pointed out that this customer service campaign is “not a recall.” Customers with concerns about their TLS350 suits should first check the manufactured date which can be found with the suit serial number in two places: on the warning label inside the back of the drysuit and written on the bottom of the waterproof zipper.

If your TLS350 was manufactured during this time, DUI requests that you contact them at CustomerService@DUI-Online.com, (800)325-8439 or (619)236-1203 (Europe or the UK, please contact BtS at DUI@BtS-eu.com or +49 216 667 541 10).