Eco-friendly Water Resistant Dry Glove Liners

Fourth Element, makers of our current favorite undergarment, the Arctic, is getting ready to launch glove liners for dry suit gloves.  We saw these at the DEMA show in Oct 2009., and are eager to try them out.

Made using a soft neoprene foam which has a thermal bamboo/charcoal derived lining, these gloves are said to be both warm and environmentally friendly. The added benefit of this lining is that the lining also has antimicrobial properties, which means that the gloves will not develop the characteristic odour to which divers have become accustomed as quickly as traditional glove liners.

The gloves themselves are designed to be water proof with double glued, blindstitched and sealed seams. This may seem a little like overkill for dryglove liners, but who hasn’t had their drygloves fail? Having some residual protection from the liners in the case of a dry glove flooding is therefore not only desirable, but necessary for every dryglove user at some stage of their diving. These liners provide this protection whilst the light material from which they are made still affords good dexterity and feedback.

We’ll let you know if the gloves are as good as promised.  The dry glove liners will be launched in February.

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