EEZYCUT TRILOBYTE: Conquer your fear of ghost nets

In areas where fishermen and divers converge, there’s often a deadly danger lurking in the water – a fishing line or net. This hazardous material has and can entrap, and has even killed divers stuck in its perilous embrace. Well-prepared divers carry all carry a dive knife. If you get caught in kelp or fishing nets or filaments, though, the EEZYCUT TRILOBYTE is the tool you’ll want to have.

The EEZYCUT TRILOBITE is a unique double-bladed emergency cutting tool developed not only for divers, but also for mariners, mountaineers, extreme sports adventurers and rescue service providers. Its protected blades safely and easily slice through lines and kelp. The grade of stainless steel used in the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE (440a) is known for its capacity to hold an extremely sharp edge, while having very good corrosive qualities. When the blade loses its edge or starts to corrode, you can easily put a new blade in, and yet again have the sharpest, cleanest cut in the water.

ScubaGadget Test Divers Experience

Our test divers reported that the device was simple to use, easy to retrieve, use and replace even while wearing bulky dry gloves. The cutting efficiency gave us the “wow-factor.” At a retail price of $25.95, it’s inexpensive enough to double your safety by having more than one at the ready.

This is truly the “right tool for the right job.” We give it five stars and think it should be standard safety equipment for all divers.

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