Whites Fusion Demo Days are Coming to Town

fusion-bulletevent-tour-logoScubaGadget testers raved about the White’s Fusion drysuits back in 2009 (see our review article) and became eager early adopters. We marveled at the attention we got with from divers who had never seen a drysuit like the Fusion. Since then, we notice that more and more divers are diving the White’s Fusion, enjoying the freedom and flexibility which the Fusion provides. Especially remarkable about the Fusion is that it is the only drysuit that is at home in waters from tropical to polar. That means divers can save a lot of money by only needing to purchase one exposure suit that they can use anywhere in the world (see our report on diving the Fusion in the Caymans).

Now Whites is taking their show on the road and with the Fusion Demo Tour and offering divers a chance to try before you buy. The concept is simple; you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, so Whites wants to give you chance to TEST DIVE a Fusion drysuit before you buy. Additionally you get to experience your test dive with the help of the pros from Whites head office and in the company of your dive buddies. This event is for all skill levels and if you’re new to drysuit diving, experienced Drysuit instructors will ensure your safety and fun during your test dive.

There is a minimal fee, $10 in advance or $15 onsite for demo, but that fee includes a BBQ lunch and you get a t-shirt. Further information and registration for the Whites tour is online at: http://whitesdiving.com/sport-diving/events/.

March 5th Victoria, BC Ogden Point
March 6th Vancouver, BC Whytecliff Park
March 12th-13th Seattle, WA Redondo Beach
March 19th-20th Monterey, CA Breakwater
April 9th Orange County, CA Corona del Mar State Beach
April 10th San Diego, CA TBD
April 16th-17th Austin, TX Aquarena Springs
April 30th-May 1st Pelham, AL Alabama Blue Water Adventures
May 14th-15th Bethlehem, PA Dutch Springs
May 21st-22nd Findlay, OH Gilboa Quarry
June 18th-19th Kankakee, IL Haigh Quarry
June 25th-26th Metropolis, IL Mermet Springs
Sept 10th Gloucester, MA Stage Fort Park
Sept 17th-18th Prince William County, VA Millbrook Quarry
Sept 25th Lake Tahoe, CA Hurricane Bay