GoPro Hero Dive Port now available

Promised back in February GoPro has finally released their official accessory to fix the problem of vignetting and/or blurry edged underwater videos. Up until now divers wanting to use the GoPro camera for underwater video had to rely on third party accessories such as the BlurFix (Amazon $74.99). GoPro now has a separate dive housing with a large flat glass lens for an additional $49.99. This puts the total retail of the HD Hero for diving at US $349.98.

Because GoPro is such a marketing heavyweight divers may not be aware of the much more economical options. Midland Radio, long known for their radio products, has a more streamlined HD POV camera (XTC300VP4) retailing at $249 which is dive ready in that it already includes an underwater housing with a flat port. Contour has their Roam HD Watersports version is also dive ready at $249. We will have a more robust article in the future to cover the differences and report on live dive testing.

imageimageContourRoam Watersports

Midland Radio XTC300VP4

Consumers may need to be aware that calling GoPro or Contour may be a frustrating endeavor.  During our research we found that in is annoyingly difficult to reach a live person at GoPro. We called 12 different extensions, including tech support and were only able to reach a live person in the sales department. Kim, a sale department manager was helpful but even she could not find a way to contact anyone in marketing or PR. Likewise, with even more tries we could not reach any live people at Contour. Event the sales and support lines went to voicemail. Some of the other options just lead to and endless loop. On the other hand both calls I made to Midland Radio got us immediately in contact with live and friendly staff.