RECALLS: OTS Full Face Mask and Halcyon over pressure valve. (with VIDEO)


About 20,300 pieces of Halcyon Scuba diving equipment, is subject to recall. Halcyon Manufacturing Inc. in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has initiated a voluntary recall of select Eclipse, Evolve, Explorer, Pioneer and CCR35 buoyancy compensator’s (BCDs) manufactured between January, 2006 and September, 2008. In addition, select Halcyon inflatable devices (Lift Bags, SMBs, DAMs, Surf Shuttles and Diver Lift rafts) may also be affected.

These BCDs or Inflatable Devices could develop excessive corrosion or rusting problems with the stainless steel Over Pressure Valve (OPV) spring, causing the spring to fail and the BCD or Inflatable Device to leak through the OPV. It is unlikely that most of these units will experience any problems since the potential defect is limited to a very small portion of the total number of OPV springs used during this time period. However, given the potentially serious implications all OPV springs should be checked to minimize risk or inconvenience to Halcyon customers. BCDs manufactured after September, 2008 are not included in this voluntary recall.


OTS (Ocean Technology Systems)

About 900 Guardian full-face masks from Ocean Technology Systems of Santa Ana, Calif. The masks were recalled because the there is a chance visor can dislodge if significant pressure is applied vertically to the top and bottom of the clamp. This would cause the mask to flood. The company has received three reports of dislodged visors, but no reports of injuries. The masks were sold by diving equipment retailers around the country and through direct sales between March 2009 and August 2009. Details: by phone at 877-270-1984; by Web at or