Holiday Cheer; Gifts for Divers

Just in time for the holidays, we’d like to mention a few gift possibilities that we like, have tried, or are eager to try.

  • One of Chaela’s favorite garment for rainy, inclement weather is the Cyclone Jacket by Fourth Element. Sleek, stylish and comfortable, this jacket is a  breathable, fully waterproof jacket, ideal for the dive boat, throwing on over an undersuit between dives or when the weather is awful. Constructed using XWP3 fabric with taped seams, reflective yet subtle branding and water resistant zips on the handwarmer pockets, Fourth Element Cyclone Jacketthe Cyclone is lightweight and easily packable. Throw it in the suitcase when traveling to the warm, rainy tropics, or pull it on over a sweater in colder climes. MSRP $229.95
  • We’ll be soon testing out the new and improved SeaLife Sea Dragon Pro camera system. We’ve mentioned before that our older SeaLife 600 camera was a non-contender for a decent review. The image quality was poor, at best. When we saw the new setup at DEMA, we decided to give it a second look. Many improvements and features have been made, including easy snap on, snap off accessories, piano key type controls (easy to use with cold water “gumby gloves”) and an intuitive, easy to use interface. MSRP for camera, case, light, arm and other accessories is $799.
  • SubGear LevoA great gift for any scuba diver would be the ScubaPro Lite Hawk travel BCD, now under the new moniker of “Levo” in the SubGear line. We use and love the Lite Hawk for travel and pool sessions. What you may not notice is that this BCD is not limited to the 30/30 latitudes.  Levo hides 56lbs of lift in this lightweight package. It can take on the full size weight pockets and become a cold temperate BCD. We liked the old Light Hawk so much we were worried about the change.  But the new ScubaPro Lite Hawk is even more comfortable. It was a wow experience. MSRP  $379.00
  • Diving in places like the Pacific Northwest during colder months requires either more layers, or pricey heated undergarments. We recently tried the HotShotz, an old way of staying warm in a new package. The HotShotz heat pack is an instant, portable and re-useable heat pack. Press a button and it starts to heat instantly. Restore it to re-useable form by placing it in boiling water for 20 minutes. On a recent cold water dive involving a suit flood, diver Chaela was able to stay warm and continue the dive with the HotShotz at tummy level, keeping her warm at the core. MSRP for 5″ x 9″ heat wrap is $18.00. Heat lasts approx. 1.5 – 2 hours.
  • Get the female diver in your life the new White’s Fusion Essence drysuit for women. Our tester tried it on at DEMA and was quite pleased with the fit. It has curves in all the right places, a new core lining and even a zippered wrist for ease of use with donning gloves. $999.99.
  • Light and Motion GoBe lightSports enthusiasts of every kind would love the new the GoBe light system, by Light and Motion. Designed to go anywhere you want to be, frm base campe to undersea adventures,  the GoBe is compatible with 6 different light heads and a wide range of accessories. It has a two battery system and is good to 120 meters. The changeable heads make this a light for use in all kinds of sports. The GoBe sports a travel lock to prevent turning on while in transit. There’s currently no diving hand mount but they’re thinking about it. Starts at $299.
  • On a recent working dive, the team was down below while tester Chaela remained topside in the kayak, read to record data.  Her smart phone was tucked into Dry Case, a 100% completely waterproof due case thanks  to its unique vacuum seal. When data was given, she whipped out her completely dry smart phone, turned it on, entered the data and emailed it to herself, without removing it from the sealed case.  Divers could have taken safely their phones down to 100′ . MSRP $39.99.
  • DryCase waterproof backpackDryCase also has a new waterproof back pack that’s stylish, comfortable, holds 30 liters and would make a great gift. MSRP $89.99.

Happy scuba shopping everyone! Hope you have safe and joyous holidays.