HotShotz Heat Packs

An affordable solution for staying warm in colder climes.

We dive the cooler water temps of the Pacific Northwest. Since we’re always in the water, staying warm, even with cozy undergarments, can prove challenging at times, especially in winter water temps of mid to low-40s. Our friends have tried various heating units under their dry suits, often with a steep price tag.  Want to try something that works and you can easily afford? The HotShotz heat pack provides an affordable , easy to use solution, starting at only $6. Long time divers boast of using heat packs such as this in “the old days.”

5x9 hotshotz heat packWe recently tried out the 5″ x 9″ Hotshotz heatpack during the colder months. It’s super simple to use – simply press the white button inside the portable pack. The liquid inside the pack quickly crystallizes, heating up to 130F in what is known as an exothermic reaction, and provides heat for up to an hour and a half. After the dive, you place it in boiling water for 10 – 20 minutes and it returns to normal, ready to be re-used again and again and again, much like using water over and over to make ice cubes (make sure every little white crystal has returned to liquid or it will crystallize again).

Both John and I tried the heat pack and were equally pleased. I wore it in the “tummy pocket” of my White’s Fusion undergarment when wearing my White’s Dry suit, pressing the activator button and quickly tucking it inside (it hardens rather fast). Nestled against my core, I didn’t even think about the cold when I was diving 40+ F water temps. When I wore my Fourth Element two piece undergarment underneath my ScubaPro dry suit, I’d swiftly position it inside my waistband, pull my suit up around me – the snugness of the suit kept the heat pack in place, doing its job nicely, for the entire dive. After the dive, I could rest my hands against the heat pack, warming them for the next dive. It’s a simple solution that can help prevent a diver from experiencing cold, focusing on the dive instead.

MSRP for the 5×9 starts at $18.00