I am thrilled they stole this idea… (updated)

perfectdivelogo.jpgI am sure many divers have had the same idea, but these passionate folks have followed through to perfection. This bunch of dive buddies ran into the challenge of finding new local dive locations and enough information to adequately plan a dive. They pooled their skills and resources and in October of 2007 built a site that stands to become the only site you ever need visit for planning where to dive. It is already the most well designed and user friendly dive site locator on the web.

Aptly named, ThePerfectDive (http://theperfectdive.com/), this web site allows you to quickly find a dive site following the way most people think while planning a dive. If you want to dive a site in the Pacific Northwest, in salt water, from the shore, and see a wreck, which is rated for intermediate divers, all you need do is check a few boxes to find six sites that fit your plan. The site also features and already impressive photo gallery, a forum, and lists of dive clubs, charters, shops and other links.

I initially had one reservation about the site, that dive shops had to pay to be listed on ThePerfectDive. However, after a conversation with the team at ThePerfectDive.com, I learned that they have decided to change their policy so any dive shop can be listed without charge. This will allow the diving public to more easily find dive shops in any area prefered. They will retain the Google like sponsorship packages that include added bells and whistles like priority placement in the advertising lists, being listed on the right hand side of specific dive sites, the ability to post specials (drawing more traffic to themselves), and several other features. This will hopefully allow the company sufficient capital to maintain the site as a service to the diving public without banners or invasive advertising.

We have added this site to our links. Being a new venture it needs more content, but as more divers find this great resource and add more dive locations it will jump from outstanding to absolutely essential. (interviewed at the PW Expo)