Is it OK to get bent but not lost?

After 19 hours in the Australian waters, lost, then found divers Allison Dalton and Richard Neely may need a little extra care to deal with the shock of the news from the insurance folks at Divers Alert Network (DAN).  ABC news reports that Divers Alert Network spokesman John Lippman says the insurance policy only covers costs incurred after they were found. Appearantly DAN coverage starts at the point when the divers were rescued and not the search to find them. We have contacted DAN will post more as we get more information on this story. Until then, keep the boat in site. More on the story at A reply and comment from DAN is attached to this story. Click comments above.

One thought on “Is it OK to get bent but not lost?

  • June 2, 2008 at 11:17 am

    The biggest benefit you receive with your DAN Membership is DAN TravelAssist, a service that provides you (and any dependents listed on your family membership) up to $100,000 of medical evacuation coverage, as well as a host of other travel-related benefits. Unlike dive accident insurance, it’s not diving specific; you need to be only 50 miles/80 km from home for the benefit to apply.

    Emergency evacuation means that, due to medical necessity, a DAN Member (including registered family members) requires immediate transportation from the emergency site to the nearest medical facility so appropriate medical treatment can be obtained. Transportation can be via any land, water or air conveyance required for transport. All evacuation transportation arrangements must be made by the most direct and economical conveyance, and arranged in advance by DAN TravelAssist; you can accomplish this simply by calling the DAN Diving Emergency Hotline (1-919-684-4DAN). Covered expenses do not include amounts that are eligible for reimbursement under “Other Medical Expense Insurance.”

    In terms of a “search and rescue” operation, provided that DAN is contacted at some point during the undertaking, the transportation that actually picks up the diver and transports him back to land may eligible as a covered expense under TravelAssist. However, TravelAssist does not include the “search” portion, so any expenses incurred as part of the search operation are not eligible for reimbursement by the benefit.

    Remember, too, that TravelAssist provides a great deal more than just evacuation services; other elements of it may lend a hand in your time of need. For a full list of TravelAssist benefits, please visit If you added dive accident insurance to your DAN Membership, please review your policy carefully or visit to ensure you understand your coverage.

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