New ScubaBoard podcast promises new show every two weeks.

Scubaboard has hit the cyberwaves with a podcast. The ScubaBoard Show is hosted by Women Divers Hall of Fame inductee Jill Heinerth and Rober McClellan, the media side of the team. The pair promises to “provide light, enjoyable conversation, insightful interviews with outstanding divers, from weekend enthusiasts to the sport’s leading luminaries, wrapped in intelligent discourse on the Scuba diving lifestyle.”

The first episode was quite pleasant with tips on equalization. Jill, certainly as well traveled as any diver, picked our home waters, “The Emerald Sea” (that’s the Pacific Northwest to warm water divers.) as her favorite dive location.

More importantly they promise a fresh new show every two weeks. We will hold them to it. Most podcasts make those promises and never keep them for long. A search of podcasts on scuba yeilds many with only a few shows before fading away.

Joe Cocozza’s Pod Diver Radiois one of the finest and most prolific scuba podcasts, with 97 episodes. The podcast always mentions next weeks show. “Next week’s show”, in Pod Dive Radio speak is ususally 3-5 weeks average. PDR is currently on a short hiatus because Joe is swamped at his real job.

We say the The ScubaBoard Show and certainly worth a listen. And, check out Pod Diver Radio when it returns in November (maybe).