North West Dive Expo–DAY 1 report

Here are our live quick posts from the show floor of the Dive News Network’s, 2011 North West Dive and Travel Expo. You can also follow our live TWITTER posts on or .

Besides getting to see new equipment, talk directly to reps and manufactures, and attend informative seminars, the NWD Expo is like a great party where you get to catch up with old friends and make new ones. There is one more day to go, so come on down to Tacoma. The water’s fine.

If you are here or were today, please go to our  page and tell us your choice for best in show.

Here are is what we found today:

  • Give Click N Dive a long look and you will find it is more interesting than you will think with unique services for both travelers and vendors. It is a totally new concept that makes it easier to book travel and local charters. There are many more features. They will store your C-card in and dive log in the cloud. There are also working on a wristband to check divers on and of the dive boat and send rescue if needed.
  • Fourth Element is showing their unique non-neoprene warm water, quick dry wetsuit. Also see

  • the coming Halo 3d undergarment with non-compressible panels. We have just completed a live dive test on and love the new wrist warmers and the interesting bamboo foam drysuit glove liners.
  • Pinnacle Aquatics is back, fresh and renewed as their own company after the split with Zeagle. We have owned and used their merino lined wetsuits and drysuit undergarments and give them high marks.
  • Marker Buoy dive club’s Fritz Merkel regularly leads shore dives in Deception Pass. That is very exciting diving. We are ready to join them.
  • Light and Motion Sola dive lights are innovative and will expand your dive experience. After the first dive we found them simply amazing. The tiny light the rides on your hand and carries the power of a canister light. Also fascinating is the the 4000 lumen video light with seven selectable levels. Additionally, the 1200D light, with its spot and flood settings works equally well as both a dive and video light.
  • A well known dive journalist and world-wide diver told us that Wakatobi was the best diving experience in his life. We paid our deposit this week.
  • Highly innovative Waterproof (brand) has an extremely comfortable dry suit hood available in thicknesses up to 5/10 mil and people are raving about the warmth. The also are showing their hybrid drysuit with non-compressible mesh lining. We are told that in many cases you can dive it without any undergarment.
  • BARE is showing off its new breathable stretchable drysuit, the SB system. They say orders are flying in. We recently gave this product our “Best New Innovation for 2011” award.
  • Frog Spit is a new anti-fog for masks. No solvents. No eye sting. No need to rinse it off. It also works on ski goggles.
  • Halcyon is showing their Pink Infinity Cinch BCD system. Scuba Gadget writer and product tester Chaela loves her cinch system. It is a unique one strap adjustable BCD. We also learned a few more tricks on ease of use from the rep.
  • We attended Mike Hughes’s seminar on writing for the dive industry. I learned a bit and invited others to join the ScubaGadget team of writers. If you are interested, email
  • Don’t miss stopping by and visiting our friends at the Tacoma Scuba booth. Their store will soon be hosting the Cousteau museum that is also on display at the show.

More tomorrow from the show floor.