Northwest Dive and Travel Expo 2010 – The TWEETS you missed

Here are our @ScubaGadget Tweets you may have missed from the Northwest Dive and Travel Expo 2010 held May 22 and 23 at the Tacoma convention Center. We will have a full report in a few days.

  • More exhibits, nice mix of travel and equipment vendors. Seemed less crowded then last year. Numbers after the show
    • after note: most vendors said they thought there were slightly less or the same amount of attendees, except the rows near the Aqua Therapy boat. Maybe it was a draw.
  • IST one of the biggest sponsors, is broadening their brand and aggressively going after market share
  • We purchased the new Dive Caddy, unique carry on dive packing system for a full set of gear – in depth review to follow.
    • after note: this is tied Buddy Link for the peoples choice award for best product at the show. We are also reviewing the Buddy Link soon.
  • Bare insider hints at a "game changer" innovation coming in dry suits later this year.
  • article coming "6 degrees of Kevin. Bacon’s dive gear" – who owns who – Connect Bare – Suunto – Aqualung – Whites – Scubapro
    • after note: Bare is owned by Suunto (owned by Amer Sports) – Suunto is sold in the US by Aqua Lung who owns Whites, whos Fusion drysuit is sold in Europe by ScubaPro.
  • Chaela spots and Investigates the "she-pee" not as much work as she thought
    • after note: she will have a full report soon
  • Vindicator on-off indicating tank valve is there. Closer to patent he says. Then XScuba copy must resolve
  • Gods Pocket Browning Pass resort has 2 new cabins and will go to Nakwakto rapids.
    • We are planning a visit and full review in a few months
  • The forever in design dolphin shaped Morfin fins have yet another new look.
  • nice 6pak dive boat Aqua Therapy is out of Tillamook OR but will go anywhere. Great aerial view of the show from atop this boat
  • looked at OTS full fm. Much simpler an less like to free flow than Ocean Reef ffm. more coming in ffms for rec diving fun
  • Dolphin Charters 6 pack out of Mukilteo goes with 3. We will dive with them and report back from the blog.
  • we liked the folks at Peace Boat charters out of Ventura CA and we plan to dive them in July and give full report
  • Cousteau historical mini museum is worth seeing and will be moving into perm space above Tacoma Scuba shop soon
  • Whites showing coolest yet Fusion drysuit skin, the "bullet" sleek and no sag skin with large pocket that vanish when empty.
  • Scuba Tank Night drop from It is our best of show pick.
    • after note: every shop should get one of these. Video after the break.
  • Odd but likely fun new sport of scubatics (.org) is coming. Aerobatics inspired. Done in pool with scuba and dpv. 
  • Aqua Lung also showed off their new 4.2 lbs travel BCD called ZUMA.

Stay tuned for our full report on the show.