NWDS Day 2

  • The Washington Scuba Alliance is holding a silent auction to raise the $3200 needed for a dive site marker buoy for one of 15 dive sites around Puget Sound and Hood Canal. If you’re at the show, stop by their booth.  They are also looking for some new board members. Or you can visit http://wascuba.org/ to find out ways you can contribute.
  • Award winning mystery author Bob Adamov, (author Clive Cussler reads him), has a new book is titled The Other Side of Hell.  The Other Side of Hell is a

  • dive mystery adventure set around the Cobalt Coast Resort on Grand Cayman Island. Many of his other mystery books feature diving also. Two are on the way to becoming movies.
  • Kettlebells dive fitness weight training is a brand new offering from a Bainbridge Island based husband and wife team. “Coach Izzy” walks divers through an exercise program on using kettle bells in their new book based program. They also have a subscription based website with more coaching videos online. Said to “get you, the diver, in fighting shape, drop the unwanted weight from you waistline and weight belt, and making sure your physical fitness carries you through the unforeseen,” How are we going to accomplish this? The humble but effective and reliable kettlebell will help us get there.
  • Edge will have a new regulator in mid July (2011) for their HOG(tech) line. It is designed mostly for use with side mount and CCR. It allows you to switch the hose from either side from your second stage. http://www.edge-gear.com/
  • Coare.org announced that Washington State just passed an ordinance banning the sale of shark fins to restaurants and stores that sell fish. Unified on ocean regulation issues, Oregon and California should be following Washington’s lead soon. The only other state that has passed this bill to date is Hawaii.
  • The Pegasus Thruster is a diver propulsion unit that straps to your tank and propels you through the water, much like a hand held scooter. Allowing for effortless hands-free operation, you can strap one on for $1695. http://pegasusthruster.com/
  • Light Monkey has high quality hand built tech/cave lights. Their “hear no evil, see no evil” monkey logo is designed to hold them to a standard of excellence about their product line. http://www.lightmonkey.us/
  • Poseidon showed off their Poseidon Mk 6 Rebreather.  The first fully automated rebreather for recreational divers, it runs around $7500 msrp. http://www.poseidon.com/products/discovery-mkvi
  • Silent World Diving in Bellevue was showing off the brand new GEM “semi-closed” circuit rebreather by KISS.  Priced at only $2795, and $500 training, it could be a transitional until for recreational divers between open circuit scuba and full closed circuit rebreather. http://www.kissrebreathers.com/ 

All interviewed said the show was grand fun and learning, but many multi-year attendees said the crowds seem lighter than last year. We will get the real numbers and have other wrap up notes for you soon.