OLED screen dive computer: like a leap from B&W to HiDef TV (2008 DEMA News)

SCUBA GADGET DEMA Show Honorable Mention: Technology Category

Even if you are not a tech diver, the technology in the Liquivision X1 Trimix/CCR computer is something that screams, “PAY ATTENTION” to all divers. The X1 has two revolutionary features, OLED screen and “tap” interaction,  that are so compelling we should be praying there are enough early adopters to bring the price down and get these features in recreation dive computers.

Liquivision is the only company to date to build an OLED (organic LED) screen for underwater use. To non-geeks OLED will mean extremely bright and sharp displays. Additionally, unlike the current LCD dive computers screens, you get a wide 180 degree viewing angle. The contrast ratio of a current LCD dive computer is so insignificant that is not even mentioned. The X1 has a 2000:1 contrast ratio that is readable in complete darkness.

The X1s second unique feature worth watching is the patented button-less “tap” interaction. The computer has a screen and absolutely NO BUTTONS. You just tap the side of the computer to navigate through the displays and the menu. Bulky gloves are no problem.

So we asked the folks the at Liquivision the $1,750 question. Why did they only build this great technology into a tech diving computer?  Simple economics said the rep. “We can not build it cheap enough today to come close to the recreation computer market. But, tech divers are used to paying top-dollar.”

OLED and Tap interaction is coming down the track as fast as we can push our earlier adopter friends into buying one. Then we can look back and remember those old, hard to read LCD dive computers as the black and white TV of diving.