Online retailers jump the gun on Sealife DC800

slfdc8.jpgThe online scuba retailers seem to be learning from the tech world, posting items for sale practically as soon as the are dreamed up by the manufactures, then hoping they actually ship. The new SeaLife DC800 is not expected to ship until May 2008 and the press release is not even ready. The Sealife marketing department was surprised when I pointed out that there DC800 was already posted on two major online retail sites. She said, “how did they get that”. The DC800 will be an 8 megapixel CCD, complete redesign, and priced the same as the DC600. We own the DC600 and it is a fine underwater camera but, out of the case, it is lacking and does not measure up most surface digital cameras. We hope Sealife can do better with this new version. More to come when the details are finalized.