RECALL: Another batch of Chinese made BCD springs fail – EDGE gear shows how to a recall right

More Chinese Quality Fade

Yet another case involving corrosion of the Chinese made springs that hold air in a BCD has just been discovered. Chris Richardson of Edge Dive Gear, which sells products under the brands EDGE and HOG (Highly Optimized Gear) is another in the continuing line of dive manufacturers that has been burned by Chinese quality fade*. Chris is “pissed” and and points out that he has seen quality fade in products from other Asian suppliers. Chris is sure the Edge OPV valve is from a different manufacturer than the Halcyon and Dive Rite springs. However, he could not be sure that the spring or the steel did not come from Jiangyin Zhongwei Staninless Products Co. which made springs for both Halcyon and Dive Rite. We are still trying to determine if other manufacturers used springs from Jiangyin Zhongwei.But it hard to get that information. We had to file a freedom of information request

with CPSC to get this much regarding the last recall. Keep an eye on your gear. There could be more bad springs out there.

Other dive manufactures have also been victims of quality fade. Vince Bourke of Pocket Buoy has pulled his manufacturing from China after had repeated problems with cracks in fittings and balloons that fell apart while still in the package. While it can be annoying if the coating peels off a dive knife, when it comes to a part like your OPV spring, it can be deadly for a diver.

ScubaGadget reporters will be investigating and discussing this issue with other manufactures when we are at the DEMA trade show in a few weeks.

EDGE Does it By the Book  

We were impressed with the speedy and complete response from Edge Gear. Unlike “another” BCD manufacture (see article The OPV Recall- Illustrates why you should check all you gear today), Edge jumped on this issue the minute they discovered the first spring failure. They immediately contacted their distributor, their dealers, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and scuba news outlets, including us to make sure the word got out to customers as fast as possible. Like Halcyon, the have posted an informative video and full information on their website at: 

The Full Recall Notice

EDGE Dive Gear, selling scuba Products under the brands EDGE and HOG (Highly Optimized Gear) today received an EDGE Freedom Buoyancy Compensator returned to a dealer with a complaint of a broken spring in the Over Pressurization Valve (OPV). This is the first report of this issue brought to the attention of EDGE Dive gear and no injuries have been reported. Upon inspection of the unit involved and other used EDGE and HOG products utilizing the same OPV design it has been determined that the springs in the OPV exhibit an unacceptable amount of corrosion. Diver Safety is our primary concern, thus we are taking fast and decisive action.

In cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, EDGE Gear is issuing a voluntary recall on all EDGE FREEDOM BCD’s, some EDGE STEALTH 2 BCD’s (units with red weight release handles for weight pockets are NOT involved), HOG 32lb Single Tank wings identified as “Made in China’ and all EDGE 32, 38 and 58lb wings.


For more information, please contact EDGE at (404)579-7631

* Quality fade is not honest mistakes made by a suppler. It is the strategic practice of a manufacturer deliberately and secretly lowering the quality of materials in order widen his profit margin. It is well documented in current business journals as being a ubiquitous problem when doing business in China.