Reuters reports Mexican drug violence spreads to Cozumel

In a story by Jose Cortazar, reporting for Reuters today we see that well publicized drug gang killings which have left more than 13,000 people dead in the past three years, has moved into the Cozumel resort area. The torture and killings of four men by suspected drug hit-men were the first sign that the drug wars had moved into the scuba resort area.

It is likely that most environmentally aware divers understand that seemingly unrelated human interaction can cause long lasting and detrimental effects on our ocean ecology. We all realize that every mile we drive contributes to global warming. But few people are yet conscious of the social ecological effects of their actions. Many think of recreational drug use as just a victimless crime; a “who does it hurt” mentality. But now Mexico could be considered a sociological super-fund site and each and every user on any scale plays a part in fueling the conflict. We can add saving our SCUBA vacations as a new reason not use drugs. As the old Pogo quote says, “We have met the enemy and it us.”