RinseKit – a Great Portable System for Cleaning Gear

We’re vigilant about washing our gear after an adventure. Clean gear means a long, happy life for our equipment. Ask our twenty year old Necky double kayak — she still garners stares and looks of appreciation from onlookers. But, since we do a lot of shore entry activities, like scuba and kayaking, by the time we get home we’re often tired, ready to relax, in a less than stellar mood to clean gear.

Enter the RinseKit! Touted as “The only product of its kind, RinseKit is a pressurized, portable shower that’s like having a hose to go,” we were eager to try it out. After many uses, here’s our take on the RinseKit.

The RinseKit is a self-pressurizing system that holds up to two gallons of water. It comes with a Hose Nozzle, 6′ Hose, Hose Bib Adapter, On/Off Valve, and Quick Connect. The spray nozzle delivers seven kinds of streams, from gentle sprays to jet stream. It’s easy to operate, easy to fill and easy to lift into the back of the car.

As for it’s uses, on a recent kayak adventure, we were able to thoroughly rinse the double Necky, dry her off and load her on top of the car, ready for stowing in the garage. Done and done.

On our scuba dives, the results are not as great. With two sets of gear — two dry suits, two BCs and up to four regulators needing thorough cleansing to remove salt water residue, we find the size of the kit is lacking the needed quantity of water. We move quickly, rinsing as much as possible, trying to stretch the water usage, but even at our fastest the gear still needs more. It’s better suited for one scuba kit, than, two.

Our stream timing test as well as others show that functional stream life at about 1.5 minutes. We really think the RinseKit needs a larger capacity option.


One thing the RinseKit people are good at is marketing. We saw dozens of complaints on Facebook that people were inundated with RinseKit ads. They certainly know how to get a product noticed.

Everyone of our testers were impressed with the features, thoughtful design and quality of the product. But they all said they could get or make something with a larger capacity for much less than the $90 price. Basically they are talking about repurposed camping showers that run by gravity or battery power or DIY products that are pressurized as you would a tire.

“Yes but…” we said. None of those who threw out the “cheaper” option are currently using one of those other options. Sometimes it is just easier to pay the money and get something that really works.


RinseKit has won more than it share of “best in show” awards. If the high price or the short capacity of the RinseKit is not an issue this product is a great option for cleaning your kit and simply the right tool for the job.

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