Scuba Diving Magazine has new owners.

The same folks that bring you PADI’s Sport Diver magazine and The Undersea Journal have just acquired Scuba Diving Magazine from F+W Media, Inc. F+W like most media companies, is moving away from print media and towards integrated media. The significant online presence of, one of the largest in the diving industry, also helps the new owners, Bonnier Corp leap forward in their ability to capture the web market for their other dive publications. Bonnier promises to make it a mission to focus on a community model and work on bringing new divers into the field and retaining current divers. Bonnier Corp is one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in America and has more than 40 special-interest magazines and multimedia, projects.

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  • February 11, 2009 at 4:53 am

    Fascinating blog……we can acquire a lots of essential things especially in scuba diving.. It is very interested to know that the PADI were now in newest strategy to maintain the significant of diving industries…..

    keep up the good work….thanks…

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