Seal the Gaps with Apollo Bio Seal

As drysuit divers, our goal is to keep water out of our suit. Most drysuits fit well enough to accomplish this. However, if you’re like me, I have a super slender neck (Yep, you guessed it, I’m a woman diver). My awesome ScubaPro drysuit has a neck seal that doesn’t quite conform properly to my neck. My solution? Apollo Bio Seal. (And, my male partner, an average size man, uses one, too. Other divers use the Bio Seal to extend the life of their latex seals when they become loose.)

Apollo Bio SealThe seal, sold in both neck and wrist sizes, is an extremely pliable non-latex product which molds itself to the skin. It feels cool to the touch and seems like something Gumby might want to play with, but it works. I place my Bio Seal over my neck, don my drysuit, fold the neck of the suit in place over the Bio Seal and, voila! No more leaks. It comes in a plastic storage container – it’s a good idea to store it in the container between uses, as the product can pick up sand, dirt, lint and gravel when not affixed to your skin (it can and should be easily cleaned after use by holding it under running water). While originally designed for use for neoprene seals, it will also make a latex type seal more comfortable and less restrictive.

MSRP priced at $59 for the neck seal and $79 for the wrist seals, the cost is minimal when weighed against the price of a new drysuit.

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