Shark Cage Diving in Seattle (NW Expo)

While most Seattle/Puget Sound divers are aware of the resident six gill sharks, I think most would be surprised to know that there is shark cage diving trip right in their home waters.

Hydrus ( started offering their six gill shark adventure to the public in 2007. The owners claim that they are nearly booked for 2008, however the website does show many openings. The flyer pushes the “feel your heart accelerate,” X-tream aspects of the adventure.  

The dives are all done at night from a 60 foot live aboard dive boat, at 75 feet deep. The sharks are baited but not hand feed. The custom built shark cage holds two client divers and one operator. There are large openings on two sides for photography or video.

Hydrus’ clientel so far has been dive travellers from outside the state and the U.S. This is because Hydrus has never marketed to the local divers. They feel that local divers do not want to pay the high $2300 per person price tag for one of there trips. Currently trips are 4 days/ 3 nights. They may open single dive trips in the future.

As the word gets out I supspect this baiting aspect of the trips will get close scrutiny from the dive community.