Shark Fin Soup

A funny thing happened on the way to the office…er, I mean hotel, last night. We are at th DEMA 2010 tradeshow, staying at the Hilton.   I was looking at the menus outside the restaurants and saw that shark fin soup was being served at one of the restaurants at the Hilton.  Shark fin soup?  Really?  Here in the good old USA? 

Today, Day 2 of the DEMA Show 2010, I headed for the event and made my way over to Project Aware.  The Project Aware foundation is working to protect sharks worldwide. In partnership with scuba divers and water enthusiasts, Project AWARE focuses its efforts to conserve aquatic resources in more than 180 countries and territories of the world.

The Project AWARE rep I spoke with told me that they will be contacting the Hilton after the show is over, encouraging them to stop selling Shark Fin soup.  She advised that sharks have no good PR.  We scuba divers are perhaps the only group who wants to keep the sharks alive.  What you can do:  visit the Project AWARE website to see what steps you can take to protect the sharks across the globe.  Sign the petition to demand better shark protection.