Shark Myths

Well, it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. We watched Mythbusters last night (I love that show!) which featured a two hour episode on de-bunking shark myths. Here is a synopsis of what we learned:

  1. Sharks DO respond negatively to magnets unless they are hungry and there is the smell of fish in the water. Then it’s no holds barred. We decided not to take magnets to the Maldives in September.
  2. Sharks tend to get curious and then aggressive when flashlights are in their midst. I’m going to think twice about a Maldives night dive.
  3. If you play dead, as opposed to frenetic, panicked thrashing about, sharks will tend to leave you alone. I can play dead with the best.
  4. Hot, hot chili peppers may burn your mouth and leave you gasping but, for a shark, they are just another snack. No chili peppers in the Maldives. Check.
  5. If you can manage to poke a shark in the eye when he’s got you in his fierce, body-threshing grip, he’ll probably drop you. If you are still alive, that is. Go for the eyes.