Surf-fur™ / Scuba Dive/ Boat Coat and All Around Waterproof Parka Improvements in 2010

divers_0Back in May 2010, I wrote I found it hard to part with my Surf-fur  on a trip to chilly Egmont, B.C.  I went on to say that “It kept me warm and dry when walking to and from the boat.  It provided warmth and protection when walking down to the hot tub at night in my swim suit.  It made a soft seat at dinner.  A cozy blanket at night.  When it was windy, I was warm.  Cold, I was cozy, Rainy, I was dry.  In short, this coat does the job promised.” Ever since, the coat has been my constant companion during boat dives, shore dives, foul weather and fair.

I recently purchased a new and improved Surf-fur for review. I am pleased to report that I have “made a new friend“ in my new Surf-fur™ waterproof  parka. 

Recently, we’ve had quite a bit of cold (into the teens), windy, rainy weather here in the Pacific Northwest to give the coat a good workout. 

While a bit stiffer than my former Surf-fur boat coat, the new Surf-fur features warm multi-layered insulation at the neck. When snapped all the way up, my neck stays warm and dry and I can still turn my head from side to side. This mid-calf length coat is both waterproof and wind proof.  I stay warm even though the wind is blowing and the temperatures are dropping.  I stay dry in my Surf-fur while John pulls on his rain pants to keep from getting soaked.

One of the minor complaints I had back in May was, “When the hood was in place and the coat was not snapped at the top, the hood obscured my vision. Be sure to have the top snaps snapped so that you can still see.” This issue was addressed in the new version by trimming back the hood and adding a toggle to tighten the hood snugly to the head. While I love the toggle feature and don’t have to worry about being able to see or not in my new coat whether it’s snapped up or not, I notice that my face gets wet in the rain. The generous hood of my previous Surf-fur at least kept the rain out of my face, once it was snapped up so that I could see.  (I tried wearing a ball cap underneath my hood: that  kept rain out of my face but felt quite uncomfortable.  I may try adding a small visor using Velcro.  Perhaps subsequent versions will come up with a happy medium – something in the middle maybe?)

There is now a bigger iPod/wallet/whatever you like pocket which closes securely with Velcro.  The Zen pockets, used to discreetly change your clothes underneath the coat, are said to have been moved.  I have to say, I did not notice the difference in placement, but I still like the Zen pockets. New, sturdier snaps (the highest quality they could find) have been added. And lastly, the arms are much longer. I have to roll them up into a wide cuff for everyday use, but when heading to a dive in 20+ Fahrenheit weather the other day, I rolled them all the way down, tucked my hands together and stayed oh so cozy while chatting with friends in the freezing outdoors.

Finally, I want to add that when I pulled on my new coat at a restaurant recently, family members commented that the new coat was “much more flattering” than the last coat and “looks great!” 

Whether last years version, or the new and improved version, I love the Surf-fur waterproof parka and think you will too.  The new features make it an even more functional weather-friendly coat for water enthusiasts of every kind. It still retains its 4.5 rating out of 5. You can find it online at the Surf-fur website.