Surf-fur™/ Scuba Dive Boat Coat meets the Tropics

Back in May, when I did my first review of the Surf-fur coat, I mentioned that my cozy boat coat would accompany me to Palau in October 2010.  The month of October arrived and I carried it gamely over my arm, all the way to Hawaii. There, amidst all the tropical heat of Hawaii, melting in sweat with this coat over my arm,  I declared “Enough!” and we found space to shove it in a duffle bag. The next day it was schlepped to Palau, which was even hotter.  I felt like an idiot for carrying this coat all the way to Palau, a moist, humid and extremely hot archipelago of islands. Still, I rolled it over to Sam’s Tours, our scuba dive vendor, in the duffel bag.  There, as we prepared for our first dive, the coat and duffel bag were tossed onto the top shelf in the gear room. 

The weather in Palau is in the 80s year round, and feels like the 100s thanks to the humidity. Water temps are in the 80s, too.  We took a 45 to 50 minute boat ride out to our dive sites every day in a covered open air dive boat.  The boat rides were pleasant.  On the third day, however, we sat through a rain storm during lunch.  The rain dumped in huge gushes, accompanied by wind. Although none of us were freezing, I thought the Surf-fur boat coat might have been a welcome garment to have onboard.  The next day, I brought it.

For the rest of the trip, I found my Surf-fur boat coat to be an asset, even in these hot tropical surroundings. After dives, whether the sun was shining or the rain was falling, I tossed the coat over my shoulders, pulling it around me as we whizzed along the water. It was way better than a mere towel, allowed me and my swim suit to dry, my wet legs to stay warm in the wind, kept the rain off my shoulders, kept my sunburnt skin from getting even more burnt from the sun coming in through the sides.

While it may be the last thing  you’d think to take on a tropical adventure, think again. It’s a versatile garment.