The bed-fellows are swapping: Whites – Apex – Si Tech – Scuba Pro – WaterProof

On our recent tour of the Whites/Aqualung factory in BC, we noticed that they are no longer installing Si Tech valves on the new drysuits. Instead they are using valves from Apexs which is also owned by the Whites’ parent Aqua Lung.

In related news, we are hearing hints that ScubaPro is coming out with a “new kind of drysuit.” Could have a lot to do with the fact that they recently lost the deal to sell the ScubaPro (really Whites) Fusion out side of North America after Whites was purchased by rival Aqua Lung. I am thinking the AL patent attorneys are awake. Our guess is that the new drysuit will be one of the form-fitting, wetsuit style drysuits. They currently sell these in Europe and which from the looks of it, it is likely from Sweden’s Waterproof Diving International.