The SeaLife DC800 is ready to splash

sealife_dc800.jpgOk, I could whine because I just bought my DC600 in December, but I will keep my professional demeanor. Now I want one of these. The new SeaLife DC800 is faster on the draw with shutter response time of .01 second and quicker to start up. Besides being 8 megapixal, a big change with this model is ergonomics. The camera’s new SLR-like design, large shutter button, and well-spaced mode buttons make the camera more ergonomic and user friendly. Even though we always shoot with flash, I am sure the now five underwater modes would come in handy in bright clear waters. I am happy to see that there is now two setting for external flash. This model has slightly larger 2.7-inch display, wide-angle lens, SD/SDHC card support, and 4x optical zoom. The SRP is set $549.95 is set to match the older DC600. Web prices were spotted as low as $499.