Travel Light and Carry it Right (DEMA Show 2008 Review)

Best in Show for Travel Accessories

At last someone has created an ingenious and truly effective new way to transport your gear on your dive adventures!  It’s called the Dive Caddy and it is an entirely innovative system for transporting your dive gear.

When we walked up to the Dive Caddy booth at DEMA, Chad Watson, the inventor of the Dive Caddy, said “Do you want to see something you’ve never seen before?”  Well, of course.  We couldn’t resist. 

He made his pitch, saying how much he used to hate packing for dive trips…the hassle of packing his gear…having to open his bags at airport security and sort through to find what they were looking for (usually the first stage of the regulator).  We could relate.  We have bought bags large and small, tried golf bags, duffel bags, and various sized suitcases with various results – none of them optimal. 

Chad proceeds to open and roll out, yes, literally roll out, his exciting new gear caddy.  A couple of clicks of the fasteners and this system un-rolls to reveal all your equipment held securely in place.  No more sorting and sifting about while people are jostling around you. 

Called “The Smartest Dive Bag Concept on the Planet (TM),” this compact little gear system holds your masks, fins, snorkel, BCD, boots, gloves, regulator, dive computer, plus up to three days personal gear.  Extremely TSA friendly, it rolls out to reveal three compartments in less than 10 seconds.  Your gear is revealed for easy inspection, then, simply roll it back up, fasten it back up and you’re on your outta there. 

We can’t wait to try out this new bag on our next dive adventure.  We’re impressed with the thorough job Chad and his team did to develop this product.  If you want to learn more, click here.