Uemis Bankrupt; UPDATES

Swiss company UEMIS AG, the makers of remarkable Uemis Zurich SDA dive computer that we recently named an “Editors Choice” has gone into bankruptcy. The message on the UEMIS website says the are “no longer handling orders” and gives contact information for the lawyers in charge of the case. Little else is known at this point.

We spoke with Mike Ange, the North American distributor for UEMIS. He said that he only learned of the bankruptcy via the internet. Upon further inquiry via email, he received one “tersely worded” response from the Ernst Voellm, the Uemis CTO, re-iterating that the company was in the hands of courts and the his (Ernst) email was no longer working. Ange, did mention that UEMIS AG was unsuccessfully offered for sale at $4 million a few months ago. He said the current debt was “significant” and that it was his understanding that while the UEMIS assets are for sale to cover the debt, the technology was not available for sale.

Ange said he would be stopping all deliveries and would be returning the few units he still had in inventory back to the Swiss.

Mike Pedersen of  Dive Right in Scuba has also contacted the court appointed team to determine if there is any hope of finding a buyer for UEMIS. He has not received any useful information as of this writing.

More news here as we learn it.

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